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born to be free … a global challenge for a life given by the sun and formed by the moon!


great spirits always have encountered a violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Albert Einstein – philosopher

My name is Walter, boy, 47 years old, born  and raised up in Tirol (a very nice country near Austria), traveled around the world for to find out more and settled down since some years in a Caribbean paradise …. outside of the world, but in the middle of nowhere.

I’m rough, but think that I have an open mind. I do not believe to the supernatural, the extraterrestrial or other fantastic descriptions, created by the absence of a rational response immediately. I have all of calm in life for insisting continue to learn and understand the unknown and mysterious for to unmask the hypocrisy of lies as established truths.

The hook manifested in life is very simple to explain:

The mediocre can win a battle but not the war – the final victory always belongs to the truth, which sometimes causes pain, offends or confuses – but the lie – so comfortable and complacent presents – weakens and divides us, for favoring the few who always live at the expense of the truth that you do not know.

“You want to hide something to people, give them a version of reality and possibility so far to what is really happening, so if the truth comes to light it will seem extremely ridiculous that most people hardly believe in it.”

Einstein taught us: “The darkness does not exist, it is only one word to explain the absence of light” – in order to understand what is not illuminated, study it and put it into a context without fear of the unknown, the contradictory and the strange!

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my personal philosophy about life, liberty, sex and world domination

Everything that is too easy to get, sooner or later ends up being a problem. The pessimists think in problems, the optimists only about solution’s, because the reward is in the effort and not the result.

kind regards, Walter

PS: Writing this blog I am trying to find out more, but ……

The untold story of America

discovered, invaded, occupied, colonized, exploited, raped, and domesticated until it split into three:


(in Tirol – my homeland – the same people did the same, they also divided into three: Tirol of the north, the south (Italian) and the east).

I make this blog (written in Spanish) to decipher the events of a “traditional history”, because I am convinced that we are all the product of what happened in our past and with our ancestors.

So I try to come closer to realizing a comprehensive opinion, free from personal or institutional interest. I am not a scientist or archaeologist, historian or something similar and I think I’m not discovering the real truth. I simply want to learn more about the complexity of our human development, a doctrine that is structured basically by manipulation or a (bad) interpretation of the facts.


Miches – a diamond in the middle of Punta Cana and Samana


“The most beautiful land that I ever have dreamed of ….”- sayed by Cristoph Columbus on his first trip – and for me its like the Bora Bora from the Dominican Republic – I ike to live here, I love this land and enjoy all the pleasure of virgin nature around me!

With this blog (written in spanish) I want to suport the sustainable development process of Miches, the protection of its natural resources and the promotion of this raw diamond, located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, among Bavaro / Punta Cana and the peninsula Samana.

Besides, this blog serves as a collection of publications and as a small regional source of news for all kinds of information related to the development of Miches and its surrounding communities.

There are many people of Miches and absent Dominicans living abroad. Once in the past they left back their hometown paradise for reasons unexplained and dificult to understand. I want to provide them a small contact with “his” land of origin, for they remember and re-evaluate the value of this paradise on earth!

Playa Limon – a Caribbean adventure – spanish site

Rancho La Cueva – my HOME-web, blog, info, page – 2008

This page described my “wild refuge” in the far east of this beautiful Caribbean island called Hispaniola – the place where I live, feel comfortable and relaxed. There I found a source of inspiration to refine my mental and spiritual balance, to realize my life based on my most fantastic dreams, in harmony with the environment and virgin nature that abounds in this corner called “la Playa Limon”.

There you will find all kind of information about my ranch, the region of Miches and all the natural attractions, photos, videos, instructions how to get there, the contact page, facts about the hotel and restaurant, tips for hiking to enjoy the natural splendor and some informations about the real estate in my neighborhood (in solar sales).

BE WELCOME in my little paradise on the coast of Miches – Dominican Republic!

Ecotourism in the Dominican Republic - the ¨Ranco La Cueva¨ at the pristine beach Playa Limon

Eco-tourism in the Dominican Republic – the ¨Ranco La Cueva¨ at the pristine beach Playa Limon.

We have all the information regarding our Caribbean paradise, its natural attractions, tours, adventures and other recreational activities, hotels for to stay and we know the best places in the area to enjoy fresh fish and seafood …..

from the crash comes the light – born to be free!

With great pleasure I am waiting your comments, inputs or reproaches to my attempts to decipher some of the mysteries in the history of an America populated by more old cultures that to this day is recognized. I invite you to participate in this curious adventure finding out the real history of an ancient America – an untold story, who may return part of a cultural identity erased by people who never can accept that there is something better than themselves!

I am grateful if you sends some opinions about the sustainable development process of Miches, one of the most beautiful regions in all of the Caribbean, or any kind of information’s which are related to the imminent takeoff of tourism in the Miches region.

And let’s see, we gather here a day in my Caribbean paradise – you are invited and always welcome to enjoy the natural splendor here on my ranch and on the pristine beach of Playa Limon,  near the village of Miches in the Dominican Republic.

kind regards and see you later,


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