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life converts more and more into mechanical processes

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(r)evolution of men

stress is the best tool for domesticating men.

“the poor and the middle class work for money,” but “the rich have money work for themselves”.

For most people the margin for a carefree and easy life become always more closer because money assumed its power over their lives.  We had to redefine the way how to view the modern world for to create a new vision with rational processes in accordance to the new way of looking.

If morality represents how we would like the world to work, then economics represents how it actually does work.

Only 8% of all people have enough capacity for to create problems with the necessary dimension for impact in worlds events. Not importing what the other 92% are doing, they never will be able to change something, not important what they are doing or not!


The rich like to have every day more and for the rest its every day more difficult to handle the basically needs from their life’s. For survive a lot of women changed to be men, because daily costs are growing faster than personal incoming’s and the possibility for to have children is converting more and more in a privilege for few couples.

Millions of families can no longer afford to live on two incomes. A generation ago, a typical middle-class family lived on the income of one breadwinner. In recent years it has taken two working spouses to live the modern middle-class dream. Now, it seems even that is not enough to survive the skyrocketing cost of living while saving for retirement and shouldering growing debt loads.

For majority of people sense of life is changing from “Work to live” into “Live to work“!

desire is produced like a a vision for to increase performance.

The last step for to economize working machinery, delegate business risks of untapped market niches and alleviate heavy burdens of social costs was creating incentives for people to move from the race of employment to the role of business owner and investor. In the hope of more income they renounce voluntarily to the protections of the labor market regulations and assume their own responsibility of productivity, social costs, debts and efficacy of work.

Now most of them had to work more for less money, with less vacations, less free time and a bigger risk to be affected negatively by social crisis and health problems.

pleasure of life, love and sex – for more and more just yet a nice fantasy for to dream …

Many couples no longer have sex, many of them by fatigue or because they have lost interest. The most common reason, put forward by one quarter of men surveyed are tired after work, while 19 percent of women said that sex requires great discomfort.


“It’s a question of balancing work and life, this is not something that the individual can bear alone. People who directs companies have to do something about it.”

In an unequal world, it should be most fun to be in the ruling class, because life is really nice …

good music, good animation, good story …. its cool

signs of resistance against economical world domination

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United States and Great Britain will have to give up power and influence

USA-POLITICS“Redesigning the global financial system is a historic challenge, and not one that can depend on the results of a single conference.” In addition to the larger philosophical differences, there are also a number of disagreements when it comes to the finer points of any possible financial system reform. The responsible s of the financial crash should intent to use financial market reforms and the necessary injection of governmental money resources for their own proposals to eliminate competitors and reestablish dominant positions in the new global economic system.

“Globalization, though, makes such a reform more difficult. … Experience from the first worldwide trade negotiations shows that it takes a long time. After a decade of talks, the world is still waiting for the first global trade agreement.”

“A larger obstacle on the way to a new financial architecture is the role played by the US and Great Britain. They will have to give up power and influence. If the state seeks more control and if the finance houses and their managers have to take on more responsibility, then profits will by necessity be lower.

In 2007, 40 percent of all company profits came in the finance sector. But the price bubble in real estate and on the stock markets can grow no further — and the dreams of wealth held by many Americans and British will have to be abandoned. Herein lies the problem. Many lived well from the bloated financial sector, and Britain and America both gained tax revenues and international influence.

“Shrinking the US financial sector would cost Obama, the next American president, plenty of strength and would require a large dose of courage. Many of his advisors from the economic establishment are warning to tread lightly. … But the time for unilateralism has come to an end. The only thing left for the US is to accept this unsavory piece of news.”

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I don’t care who makes her laws”

by Meyer Amchel Rothschild (1743-1812)

bank-of-englandGreat Britain followed an especially aggressive policy of slack oversight in order to establish the City of London as a financial center. The British Empire is generally considered to have arisen as a result of Britain’s trade objectives. Since centuries the British tried with excellent results to monopolize the exploitation of colonies resources by implanting a domination of the “new worlds” money and financial system. For to liberate from social and governmental responsibilities the British dissolved their empire, but not their financial octopus. Invading the international financial system they used globalization and free-market principles for to absorb and manipulate national influences and generate high enough returns to remain their competition and leadership on the international stage.

The Bank of England’s strategy was to completely control the British Government. Then they could apply pressure on the colonies and force them to rebel. Lastly, they would impose a Bank of England type bank on the Colonies. This they did in the year 1791. It was called the Bank of the “U.S.” General Jackson refused to renew the bank charter and he died an unnatural death in 1836. The corrupt bank was re-chartered in 1913 under the name “Federal” Reserve Bank of the “U.S.”

The Federal Reserve Bank is a consortium of twelve private banks which are not part of the United States Government.

These private banks purchase paper notes from the U.S. mint for printing cost or simply enter digital money into their computer then lend back the money plus interest to the people through member banks.  The profits go into the share holders of the bank’s pocket’s, the U.S. public receives no benefit.

The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are:
1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
6. Lehman Brothers of New York
7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York

fedAll the primary owners are branches of European establishments.  Foreigners, almost entirely Jewish, control the United States Money supply.  They literally own exclusive rights to the dollar and simply enter dollars into their banks books to make money which they then lend back to us at a profit.

In 1913 in exchange for paying for his Presidential campaign, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act handing over the U.S. currency to twelve regional private banks.  In 1933 Roosevelt confiscated citizens gold and handed it to these private banks.

The bank is supposed to bring stability to the economy, however, almost every major marked crash and war can be attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank, including the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, the Gulf War etc.

The privately held Federal Reserve Bank has not once been audited and never pays any income tax on their astonishing income.

According to Congressional record the U.S. Government can buy back the FED at any time for $450 million.  That’s about half the amount of money we pay them daily.

As of March 6, 2006, the national debt stands at 8.2 trillion dollars. The American taxpayers have paid the FED banking system $173,875,979,369.66 in interest on that debt in just five short months, from October, 2005, through February, 2006.

The Fed allows Congress to spend all they want that’s why your Congressperson does nothing.

read more in: Liberty for Live

Banking scandal, crime, corruption or stupidity of American citizens

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Bankers get bonus billions from taxpayers

Despite the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Wall Street firms expect to pay billions in executive bonuses after being shored up with billions in taxpayer dollars.

the-bankersMany banks paying bonuses are receiving billions in capital from the Treasury department as part of the government’s $700 billion financial rescue plan. The Troubled Asset Relief Program, known as TARP, was announced in September.

Stock brokerage giant Merrill Lynch is receiving $10 billion from the government. The struggling institution is merging into Bank of America.

Bank of America, which is getting $15 billion from TARP, is offering bonuses equaling up to 100 percent of revenue Merrill’s brokers generate, in order to retain them, said Bloomberg.

“The public is angry about this, and they should be,” said Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization in Washington.

“The deal was the $700 billion bailout would provide money to banks to increase their liquidity to extend credit to businesses and the public. The public’s irritation with this is we’re going into debt as a nation to try to save the economy, and then these banks are using the money to pay bonuses to executives,” she said. “The cost is equal to about $3,000 to $4,000 per citizen, yet many are losing their homes. It’s morally and economically wrong.”

“Wall Street firms will say the money isn’t from the bailout,” said Altmire. “But there is no separate pot of money. You have all the money in your budget, and you decide what to do with it.”

an American dream – to become rich if someone lose!


TRIBUNE-REVIEW | Nov 13, 2008 by Thomas Olson – Via AftermathNews

Knocking on heavens door

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Amsterdam, synonym of liberal spirit

coffee shops, red light district and bicycles

Amsterdam is a lot more than coffee shops and forward thinking drug laws. For me it is one of Europe’s prettiest and most dynamic cities. It’s stuffed to the gills with culture, great food, great music and, of course, girls.

amsterdam-red-light-districtPeople who go to Amsterdam don’t go for the windmills and the clogs or the cheese factories and the flower markets … they go for the porn … the sensation and to have a DAMN GOOD TIME!!!

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and coffee shops are licensed to sell small amounts of marijuana. The sale of sex and drugs are regulated and taxed, ensuring as much safety as possible and that the government can benefit from the revenue. The Netherlands ranks 7th in the use of marijuana – after Cyprus, Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

The Dutch policy seems based on the idea that people are going to do what they are going to do, regardless of the government or the potential for punishment. “Research shows that young people in Amsterdam don’t use more soft drugs than their peers in France, which has a repressive drug policy.”

Police officers in the capital of the Netherlands are in open revolt against a new code of behavior that orders them to stop taking drugs in their free time. The new rules have upset officers who patrol the city’s infamous coffee shops, where cannabis is smoked openly by locals and millions of tourists attracted by Amsterdam’s relaxed atmosphere.

Hans van Duijn, the chairman of the Nederlandse Politie Bond, the police union, says “If you allow people in the country to smoke, you would be a hypocrite to say to the police officers, ‘You are not allowed to do that’.

Amsterdam to Shut 43 Cannabis Cafes

coffee-shopAmsterdam is being forced to close 43 of its 228 cannabis-selling cafes to meet national regulations. The establishments, including the world famous Bulldog, are simply too close to highschools.

The cafes, known as coffee shops, have to be closed down by the end of 2011 because they are less than 250 meters from highschools. The city currently has some 228 outlets selling marijuana under license.

One of those set to vanish from Amsterdam is the famous Bulldog cafe on the city’s Leidseplein which is housed in a former police station and was opened over 20 years ago. It is too close to the city’s prestigious Barlaeus high school.

At present the authorities turn an official blind eye to the sale and consumption of cannabis but ban the large-scale cultivation of marijuana plants and the wholesale trade. This will make the sector easier to control and reduce the involvement of organized crime. Around 25 percent of tourists coming to Amsterdam visit a cannabis cafe. But these tourists cause much less of a nuisance than foreigners who drink alcohol, according to the mayor.

a Late Night Live Sex Show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

One of the many legends about Amsterdam that some people have trouble believing is that there are theaters where patrons can pay for entrance and then witness actual live couples on stage having sex, as well as quite a few different-but-similar tricks involving bananas, pens, ribbons, vibrators, and whatnot.

live-sex-showsThe sex shows in Amsterdam are based around a bit of audience participation, but for the most part these are spectator sports. There are three of these live-sex theaters/bars in the Red Light District, and each is quite different so deciding which of the three to visit should be pretty easy for most people. And while these live-sex clubs are “shows” they aren’t really the same as strip clubs elsewhere. These places feature things that most people never thought they’d ever see in public.

Public sex in Asterdams Vondelpark


The most beautiful park in the center of Amsterdam has a colorful mixture of visitors, especially in the summer. Parents with children, inline skaters who display their tricks in front of the film museum, joggers, couples walking hand in hand and …

Paul van Grieken, an Alderman in the Oud-Zuid district of the city, has startled many Amsterdammers, despite their famously liberal attitudes, with plans to allow public sex as part of this summer’s new rules of conduct for the country’s best-known park.

As long as the condom’s are picked up and the people that want to have sex in the public only do it in the evening or night time, then according to new rules, it is fine and dandy to have sexual relations in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

These new rules not only have the blessing of the Dutch Police but they are also encouraging all Dutch parks to follow the Vondelpark’s lead.

Amsterdam Underground Collective

amsterdam-underground-clubOnce you could hear Underground Music only in Amsterdam or London. The underground music scene in Amsterdam is one of the main attractions from this creative metropolis. Most international bands played in some of the ‘famous’ clubs like Winston, Volta, and Zaal 100. For example the Volta used to be a cool hardcore-venue.

Those looking for a night out in a stylish, underground or lounge club should head to one of the numerous clubs that Amsterdam offers. Old factories, underground churches, refurbished boats and stylish canal houses; Amsterdam has got clubs in all of them. Go to one of the main squares like Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein or Dam square where you will find clubs for each kind of different subcultures.

Bicycles in Amsterdam

One of this city’s great pleasures is the cycling life. According to Wikipedia, there are about 700,000 bikes in Amsterdam, almost one bike per inhabitant. Bikes handle 40 percent of all trips inside the city limits. This makes Amsterdam unique among major urban centers in the developed world. Bikes and canals make this city quiet. With so little auto traffic, mostly what you hear is the whoosh of bike tires and an occasional warning bell.

amsterdam_bicyclesCycling is totally integrated into the Dutch urban transport mix. For the most part, cyclists get not only bike lanes, but actual bicycle roadbeds, separated from the sidewalk, the tram tracks, and the street by curbs or other physical barriers. Cyclists have their own, separate system of traffic lights, adorned with happy little green, yellow, and red bicycle icons. The basic warning device is a bell, but people don’t use them much — mainly just to warn the tourists, who are always stepping into the bike lane in order to get around other pedestrians, or just because it looks like a good place to walk.

This semi-separate roadway infrastructure makes a huge difference to the cycling experience. Mostly you’re riding with other cyclists, not competing with cars. Drivers here are much more respectful and careful of cyclists, probably because they’re all cyclists as well.

The “dolphin therapy” in the Amazon or the curative effects of the pink dolphin

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the Pink Dolphins of the Rainforest

pinkdolphinThe Pink Dolphin is an amazing mammal, which lives in the Amazon River and has adapted overtime to survive in fresh water. This animal looks almost like the gray dolphin, but there are differences. Their measures can reach up to 2.5 meters long, although males are generally larger. The color of its body is pale pink, instead of having a dorsal fin like the gray dolphin, it has a hump on its back. The Pink Dolphin’s tale is bigger and it has 2 flippers that look like big leaves, their neck is kind of long and his head has a little hump in the forehead. This animal has tiny eyes and his beak is long and has hairs on top. The Pink Dolphin can turn its head 180 degrees, all the way around since it has an unfused vertebrae. It weighs approximately 90 kilograms. The Pink Dolphin got its amazing pink color from the kind of water it lives in, and the kind of food it eats.

The dolphin therapy is a powerful method for the physical and emotional sanitation, where the dolphins play a key role in the treatment of multiple disorders. The dolphins are animals docile, intelligent and highly effective therapy for body and spirit. The dolphins can help people with physical and emotional disorders, in various ways, as the dolphin emits ultrasonic waves of various types, which circulate throughout the body of the person treated and operate beneficially on the nervous system.


Manaus (Brazil), 12 November 2008 (EFE) .- The Pink Dolphin’s Therapy Center, located at the Ariau river a few kilometers from Manaus, is the only one of the world that takes its space in the natural healing powers of this animal that lives in the Amazon.

In addition to its sympathy and its tourist pull, the pink dolphin contains in his brain a powerful ultrasound system that makes it a natural complement to alleviate problems from leukemia to depression or psychomotoric faults.

The Therapeutic Center, led by Brazilian veterinarian Igor Simões, hosts since 2005 treatments based on interaction with this animal, whose brain ultrasound system is greater than that of its marine counterpart.

The “pink buttons,” as they call them in Brazil, with their little and almost useless eyes, compensates their visual lack with a large skull that contains an ultrasonic generator. “When in contact with people, the pink dolphin is capable for to create a ultrasound vision for to localize quickly where your problem.”

motherwithbabyThey localize the problem, “achieving a balance in the body which generate endorphins for to stimulate the body, so they can improve the functioning of glands, the secretion of hormones or blood flow.”

The pink dolphin, also complements with their ultrasound in a natural way chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients, in addition to stimulating the need for communication in children with problems of socialization and accelerate learning process in cases of Down syndrome, achieving results between two and ten times faster.

“Bigger the problem, with more intensity the dolphins identify to the person.” These treatments achieve prosperity in their own personality in a form which let them “learn” to be more effective.

According to the Water Thought Foundation, one of the most notorious capacities of this dolphins is their ability to improve the interhemispheric synchronization, which activate dormant areas of the brain which unlock trauma, rise the self esteem and in addition activates the immune system of the patient.

The therapeutic effect “is noted from the first day,” although the therapy can last up to three years, in sessions of two hours.

But before science there was a native myth who explain the connection of the pink dolphin with the body of the man, according to which the animal became a man at night and fertilize the women.

slaughtery of Dolphins in Denmark

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bulk of dolphins been killed in Denmark

Though it may seem unbelievable, but even today this brutal, dantesque and bloody slaughter of dolphins are still carried out each year in the Faroe Islands which belong to Denmark. A country supposedly “civilized” and belonging to the European Union. For many it is unknown this attack to life, to the sensitivity and to everything. In this bloody slaughter involving the young men to show entering adulthood (!). Is absolutely incredible that there is nothing to prevent this barbaric act that is committed against the pilot whales, a dolphin that has the intelligent approach to people out of pure curiosity.

calderons-11I live on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia and every day, before winter we see these beautiful creatures, passing by to go north to have their babies and at the moment they are traveling south with their babies. W e can see this extraordinary site numerous times almost everyday at this time of the year and although we can see it everyday we all still get so excited about the site, that is every human being in our country who see’s this wonderful sight. So how can human being on the other side of the world be so opposite and ruthlessly kill these wonderful creatures. I wonder if these cruel disgusting people saw how much we appreciate the sight of these wonderful animals playing with their babies just off our beaches.

regards Wendy

The following images belong to a rite of passage to begin to be “man” who even today takes place in some parts of Denmark, a country of the European Union. The belief on the part of men that animals are things of use and discard is a relic of a haggard design that makes it as being for which purpose the earth was created (read homocentrism). It makes me impossible to justify this kind of torture.

* click over the photo for to see full-size image

calderons-1 calderons-3 calderons-6 calderons-8 calderons-5 calderons-10

In Yahoo answers someone wrote the following text for to justify this dantesc spectacle:

  1. They’re not dolphins, they’re whales.
  2. It’s not happening in Denmark, it’s happening in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous island with its own government.
  3. The whales they’re hunting is not an endangered species.
  4. This has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is not just some mindless slaughter, they eat the whales they kill. Saying this is wrong is just like saying eating hamburgers is wrong. I bet you more cows are killed for their meat than whales. Just because you don’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t happen.

Very nice, he told that this is not a slaughtering, – this is hunting!

Too he mentioned that Denmark don’t be related to the Faroe islands and that cows are wild and free living animals!


The  Japanese dolphin slaughters

dolphins-beink-killed-in-japonEvery winter, thousands of dolphins are confined and brutally killed in small towns across Japan. Animal advocates and environmentalists considers this barbaric and condemns the slaughter. Fishermen often injure a few captives by spear thrust or knife slash to retain the group since dolphins never abandon injured family members. The water turns red and the air is filled with their agonising screams. They are then dragged to the slaughter place and their throats slashed and left to die. Dolphin meat are later marketed and often disguised as whale meat.

“Cove” is a doc about the ongoing covert slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Sundance dolphin doc is really action thriller!

This documentary is really an action thriller whose filmmakers put themselves in great peril to document these brutal murders for the world to see. They also expose how dolphin meat, which is dangerously high in mercury content, is being sold to consumers in Japan under other names and has even been purchased by schools to be served in children’s lunches.

“Cove” is directed by Louie Psihoyos and the goals of this film were not only to make people aware that this secret slaughter of dolphins is going on in Japan, but also to make it known how highly toxic dolphin meat is.

“They eat at the same level as humans at the very top of the food chain,” Louie Psihoyos said. “Everything that human beings consume eventually ends up in the oceans — especially fossil fuels. The burning of coal is the number one contributor to the rise of mercury in the environment. There’s a cost to that — we’re degrading the oceans (and) diminishing the environment for future generations to enjoy. I used to eat seafood and I can’t eat large seafood anymore. I have mercury poisoning at 23 parts per million. High is five parts per million. We’re trying to alert people to what’s going on here.”

In the name of humanity I hope that someone in Japon, Denmark or everywhere in the world will have enough authority for to stop this bloody tradition!

the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations

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the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the change of United States

It is true that the Americans have ”free elections,” in which they have the absolute right to vote for one of two opposing candidates, both of whom have been handpicked and financed by the Rockefeller syndicate and too they are free to invest in a stock market in which the daily quantity, price and value of the monetary unit is manipulated and controlled by a Federal Reserve System which is answerable only to the Bank of England.

Investigators from the network of U.S. funding cautioned against excessive expectations with the elected president of this country, Barack Obama, whom they described as the chosen today of the great capitals. Obama was the largest recipient of donations in the campaign. Part of this capital coming from the same network of capital that has financed the previous U.S. presidents, including key advisers as Zbigniew Brzezinski.

brzezinski_bin_laden_aka_tim_osmanThe book ¨the imperial spider web¨ of Golinger and the French sociologist Roman Migus qualifies favor of Brzezinski’s “soft power”, the psychological and economic warfare, covert actions, separatism and techniques of soft coup rather than military operations. The book describes Brzezinski, a Polish nationalized U.S. as the creator and financier of the group Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the late 70s of last century. He is a member of the think tanks (think tanks) more important as the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the board of the International Crisis Group.

His preference for soft interventionism placed him as an informal adviser to Obama’s opposition to the administration of George W. Bush.

Brzezinski is identified as a close friend of the Rockefeller family and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, a plan for world domination.

The Brzezinski – Obama Axis

barack-obama-2008It was reported in the New York Sun on February 15 that Barack Hussain Obama has chosen Zbigniew Brzezinski to advise him on Middle East policy. An Obama-Brzezinski axis has revolutionary significance. It might accelerate the de-Americanization and decline of the United States.

With Zbigniew Brzezinski as his national security adviser, it was Jimmy Carter who facilitated the return of Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran. The Carter-Brzezinski axis is very much responsible for the Islamic revolution—the most dangerous revolution that has occurred in human history, a revolution that threatens the existence of every nation-state.

With Brzezinski advising him, Obama’s chance about CHANGE may be more serious. He may have in mind changing the fundamental character of the American regime. That would fit well with the designs of one of his backers, billionaire George Soros, a globalist committed to the termination of the nation-state and the ascendancy of world government.

george-sorosCurrently, Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute and is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is known for having donated large sums of money in a failed effort to defeat President George W. Bush’s bid for re-election in 2004. He supported Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

contracted to bust the stocks

The Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established to foster closer cooperation between America, Europe and Japan. It was founded in July 1973, at the initiative of David Rockefeller; who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time. The Trilateral Commission is widely seen as a counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Speaking at the Chase Manhattan International Financial Forums in London, Brussels, Montreal, and Paris, Rockefeller proposed the creation of an International Commission of Peace and Prosperity in early 1972 (which would later become the Trilateral Commission). At the 1972 Bilderberg meeting, the idea was widely accepted, but elsewhere, it got a cool reception. According to Rockefeller, the organization could “be of help to government by providing measured judgment.”

“Close Trilateral cooperation in keeping the peace, in managing the world economy, and in fostering economic development and in alleviating world poverty, will improve the chances of a smooth and peaceful evolution of the global system.”

President Jimmy Carter appointed 26 former Commission members to senior positions in his Administration. Later it was revealed that Carter himself was a former Trilateral member.
Active or former members of the Trilateral Commission now head every key agency involved in mapping U.S. strategy for dealing with the rest of the world.”

Among them: George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management LLC, New York, NY; Chairman, The Open Society Institute and John D. Rockefeller IV, Member (D-WV), U.S. Senate