Barack Obama, the Michael Gorbatschow from the USA

The human face from the man who got the job to redesign America:

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The man who will start the American Perestroika …


Barack Obama will be the new president from the United States of America.  In his first public presentation through which declared victory in the presidential elections on Tuesday, had a message for the international audience. He said his triumph is the answer to the requests of many and that represents that “the change has come to the United States. We will support those who seek peace and security and we defeat those who threaten to destroy the world.”

Leaders from around the world congratulated Obama

A large part of world leaders like Colombians President Álvaro Uribe, Hugo Chávez from Venezuela, Evo Morales from Bolivia, the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez,  Hu Jintao from China, Taro Aso from Japon congratulated Barack Obama for his victory in the presidential elections in the United States, hoping to make the promise of change.

The European Union today offered to the elected president of the U.S., Barack Obama, a stronger bilateral relationship to face global challenges together growing inside, in turn a framework of multilateral action. The main community leaders agreed that the election of Obama in the current international situation coincides with the need to strengthen the transatlantic link between the U.S. and Europe, even if this axis was no longer sufficient to govern a globalized world.

In Israel and Palestine, both the Israeli Foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, as the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmud Abbas, welcomed the victory of Democrat candidate. Sami abú Zuhri, the spokesman of the Islamic movement Hamas, said that “we do not reject dialogue” with Obama, but he must learn from the mistakes of his predecessor.”

Members of the community of Basra, Iraq, dance celebrating the victory of Barack Obama.

Members of the community of Basra, Iraq, dance celebrating the victory of Barack Obama.

History is repeating in the new world what happened few years ago in the old world.

The abrupt end of the former Soviet Union impulsed by the perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986

mikhail_gorbachev_19871From modest beginnings at the Twenty-Seventh Party Congress in 1986, perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev’s program of economic, political, and social restructuring, became the unintended catalyst for dismantling what had taken nearly three-quarters of a century to erect: the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist totalitarian state.

The world watched in disbelief but with growing admiration as Soviet forces withdrew from Afghanistan, democratic governments overturned Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, Germany was reunited, the Warsaw Pact withered away, and the Cold War came to an abrupt end.

On August 19 of 1991, conservative elements in Gorbachev’s own administration launched an abortive coup d’tat to prevent the signing of a new union treaty the following day and to restore the party’s power and authority. Boris Yeltsin, who had become Russia’s first popularly elected president in June 1991, made the seat of government of his Russian republic, known as the White House, the rallying point for resistance to the organizers of the coup. Under his leadership, Russia embarked on even more far- reaching reforms as the Soviet Union broke up into its constituent republics and formed the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Ronald Reagan and the economical collapse of former Soviet Union

In a conversation off to the side at the economic G-7 summit in Ottawa, on July 19, 1981, the french President Francois Mitterrand informed the new U.S. President Ronald Reagan about his intelligence services had recruited a KGB agent. The man belonged to a section that was evaluating the achievements of Soviet efforts to acquire western technology. Reagan expressed great interest in Mitterrand’s delicate revelations and also thanked him for his offer to sent the material to the United States government.

The dossier, under the name of Farewell made it quite clear that the Soviets had been spending years carrying out their research and development activities. Given the enormous transfer of technology by reagan_mitterand_19811radar, computers, machine-tools and semi-conductors from the United States to the Soviet Union, one could say that the Pentagon was in an arms race with itself.

The Farewell Dossier consisted also the “shopping list” and its aims in terms of acquisition of technology in the coming years. When the Farewell Dossier reached Washington, Reagan asked Bill Casey, the CIA Director, to come up with a secret operative use for the material.

The production and transportation of oil and gas was one of the Soviet priorities. A new trans-Siberian gas pipeline was to carry natural gas from the gas fields of Urengoi in Siberia, through Kazakhstan, Russia and Eastern Europe towards the western dollar markets. In order to automate the operation of valves, compressors and storage installations of such an immense enterprise, the Soviets needed sophisticated control systems. They bought some of the first computers on the open market, but when the authorities of the gas pipeline took off in the United States for to buy the necessary software, they were turned down. Undaunted, the Soviets searched elsewhere; a KGB operative was sent to penetrate a Canadian software supplier in an attempt to acquire the necessary codes. The United States intelligence, warned by the agent in the Farewell Dossier, answered and manipulated the software before sending it.

Once in the Soviet Union, computers and software worked in unison and they made the gas pipeline work splendidly. But this tranquility was misleading. Inside the software that was operating the gas pipeline, there was a Trojan horse, a term used to describe software lines hidden in the normal operative system which make that system lose control in the future, or whenever it would receive an order from abroad.

In order to affect the dollar profits coming in from the West and the domestic Russian economy, the software for the gas pipeline which was to operate the pumps, turbines and valves had been programmed to breakdown after a prudent interval and reset the speeds of the pumps and the valve adjustments so that they would work at pressures much higher than those that were suitable for the pipeline’s gaskets and welding seams.

pipeline-explosion“The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space. At the White House they received warning from their infrared satellites of some bizarre event out in the middle of Soviet nowhere.

The campaign of countermeasures based on Farewell Dossier was part of an economic war. A significant damage was made to the Soviet economy.

As a big finale, between 1984 and 1985, the United States and its NATO allies put an end to this operation which ended with efficacy the capacity of the USSR to capture technology at a time when Moscow was caught between a defective economy on one side, and a US President determined to prevail and end the cold war on the other.

The situation was ready for Mikhail Gorbachev to impulse perestroika in 1986.

download the Farewell Dossier From Wikipedia

and now the big question:

¨Whose invisible hands or what kind of manipulation created this situation for to impulse a similare big change in america?¨

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    Да, похоже что в действительности – так оно и есть. P.S. Сайт, кстати, у вас прикольно сверстан – Yes, it seems that in reality – the way it is. P.S. The site, by the way, you have fun to …

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    Ваш сайт в опере не очень то корректо показывается, а так все отлично! спасибки вам за умные мысли! – Your site is shown the spectacle as well, all excellent! Thank you for your clever ideas!

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    очень занимательно было почитать – it was very entertaining to read ….

  4. Upsern Says:

    Спасибо за статью. Восхищена как всегда – Thank you for your article. Deeply impressed, as always

  5. When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama, not being an Article II “natural born citizen”, fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

    The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, should seem obvious.

  6. Gorbachev says Obama will bring ”perestroika” to US

    Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev welcomed Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential election on Wednesday, saying he would bring “perestroika” to the United States, ITAR-TASS news agency reported.

    “I am very happy. Two or three years ago I said America needed perestroika, and this was greeted with cheers in the US,” Mr Gorbachev was quoted as saying, using the term for his 1980s liberal reforms that helped end the Cold War.

    “It is no accident that the whole world followed these elections, including in Russia, where they were followed like never before. This shows there is hope that the arrival of a new administration will bring changes,” he added.

    Mr Gorbachev, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, added that the election of the United States’ first black president was a “lesson” for other countries and showed “a very strong side of America.”

    Perestroika – a Russian word that translates roughly as “rebuilding” – was the name given to the liberal reforms Gorbachev introduced in the 1980s as he opened up the markets of the former Soviet Union.

  7. George William Says:

    Few persons will win what a lot of people will loose … money don’t go away, – only changes the owner.

  8. Sebastian Says:

    The financial crisis marks the emergence of a new global financial architecture, without the leading role of the United States. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the financial crisis that has stood the highest in the history of monetary injections, have the power and influence to bring the U.S. against the wall. The U.S. global leadership is coming to an end. In the ongoing wars the victory is elusive for soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan, the U.S. economy faces one of the worst crisis since 1929 and until the very liberal creed of the United States is challenged in its foundations. The crisis meant the downfall of the “empire” and the allies of Washington mentioned the emergence of a multiparty world, rebalanced by powers such as China, India or Brazil.

    Peter Steinbrück, German finance minister, broke a taboo to predict that “America will lose its superpower status in the global financial system” that would become “multiparty”. Published by The Observer in London, the political scientist John Gray wrote that “we are living a historic turning geopolitical, where the global balance of power is being irrevocably altered. The era of American global leadership initiated during the Second World War ended. “

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