slaughtery of Dolphins in Denmark


bulk of dolphins been killed in Denmark

Though it may seem unbelievable, but even today this brutal, dantesque and bloody slaughter of dolphins are still carried out each year in the Faroe Islands which belong to Denmark. A country supposedly “civilized” and belonging to the European Union. For many it is unknown this attack to life, to the sensitivity and to everything. In this bloody slaughter involving the young men to show entering adulthood (!). Is absolutely incredible that there is nothing to prevent this barbaric act that is committed against the pilot whales, a dolphin that has the intelligent approach to people out of pure curiosity.

calderons-11I live on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia and every day, before winter we see these beautiful creatures, passing by to go north to have their babies and at the moment they are traveling south with their babies. W e can see this extraordinary site numerous times almost everyday at this time of the year and although we can see it everyday we all still get so excited about the site, that is every human being in our country who see’s this wonderful sight. So how can human being on the other side of the world be so opposite and ruthlessly kill these wonderful creatures. I wonder if these cruel disgusting people saw how much we appreciate the sight of these wonderful animals playing with their babies just off our beaches.

regards Wendy

The following images belong to a rite of passage to begin to be “man” who even today takes place in some parts of Denmark, a country of the European Union. The belief on the part of men that animals are things of use and discard is a relic of a haggard design that makes it as being for which purpose the earth was created (read homocentrism). It makes me impossible to justify this kind of torture.

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calderons-1 calderons-3 calderons-6 calderons-8 calderons-5 calderons-10

In Yahoo answers someone wrote the following text for to justify this dantesc spectacle:

  1. They’re not dolphins, they’re whales.
  2. It’s not happening in Denmark, it’s happening in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous island with its own government.
  3. The whales they’re hunting is not an endangered species.
  4. This has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is not just some mindless slaughter, they eat the whales they kill. Saying this is wrong is just like saying eating hamburgers is wrong. I bet you more cows are killed for their meat than whales. Just because you don’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t happen.

Very nice, he told that this is not a slaughtering, – this is hunting!

Too he mentioned that Denmark don’t be related to the Faroe islands and that cows are wild and free living animals!


The  Japanese dolphin slaughters

dolphins-beink-killed-in-japonEvery winter, thousands of dolphins are confined and brutally killed in small towns across Japan. Animal advocates and environmentalists considers this barbaric and condemns the slaughter. Fishermen often injure a few captives by spear thrust or knife slash to retain the group since dolphins never abandon injured family members. The water turns red and the air is filled with their agonising screams. They are then dragged to the slaughter place and their throats slashed and left to die. Dolphin meat are later marketed and often disguised as whale meat.

“Cove” is a doc about the ongoing covert slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Sundance dolphin doc is really action thriller!

This documentary is really an action thriller whose filmmakers put themselves in great peril to document these brutal murders for the world to see. They also expose how dolphin meat, which is dangerously high in mercury content, is being sold to consumers in Japan under other names and has even been purchased by schools to be served in children’s lunches.

“Cove” is directed by Louie Psihoyos and the goals of this film were not only to make people aware that this secret slaughter of dolphins is going on in Japan, but also to make it known how highly toxic dolphin meat is.

“They eat at the same level as humans at the very top of the food chain,” Louie Psihoyos said. “Everything that human beings consume eventually ends up in the oceans — especially fossil fuels. The burning of coal is the number one contributor to the rise of mercury in the environment. There’s a cost to that — we’re degrading the oceans (and) diminishing the environment for future generations to enjoy. I used to eat seafood and I can’t eat large seafood anymore. I have mercury poisoning at 23 parts per million. High is five parts per million. We’re trying to alert people to what’s going on here.”

In the name of humanity I hope that someone in Japon, Denmark or everywhere in the world will have enough authority for to stop this bloody tradition!

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  1. jjean Says:

    I am ashamed to be a part of the human race. People who are empathic and have a conscience would not eat what they eat and kill like this. There are humane ways to kill animals or dolphins. We as human being haven’t changed much over the centuries.
    These people have no conscience.

  2. Irene Says: read this article, the original peitition is years old and closed and meat has been declated unfit for human consumption since 2008 there it is no eveidence apart from the email that it was a rite of passage for young men, whilst I abhor what was done it was a traditional form of hunting centuries old and the meat shared between the islanders they did not sell it
    I have searched for additional information but cannot find anything to suggest it is still happening, if still beng hunted it is probably with more modern fishng methods

  3. Habib Says:

    It’s really really really brutal.

  4. I feel ashamed to be an European ca not be that people slaughter highly intelligent animals like dolphines just to prove that your a full adult at the age of 18…Every normal rational human being must reject these rituals firmly and loud..Danish Goverment must do something about this.Faroer is a legal and justified ,and under Danish government island[s]…cant believe this massacre and i never will,can and refuse to understand this….This must stop…immediatly..Faroer and.Denmark must take their responsibility…. No excuses possible.

  5. I haven’t posted here in a while (Since 03/2010), and I’m just wondering if anyone has been doing anything about the atrocities since–here or anyone you know of. What channels are there?

    Someone mentioned the Chinese practices. Well, I donate to a group that rescues the black bears in China from being raised for bile fluid collection. It’s encouraging to see that China has begun to recognize animal rights, and ban such ancient, horrible practices. To date, hundreds of bears have been freed, the bear farms are shut down, and the practice is prohibited by law. It’s happening slower than one may hope, but it’s happening, and they’ve had thousands of years for such disgusting ways to become engrained. So if they can do it, there’s no excuse for the Faroese to fail at it.

  6. MY MIND Says:


  7. Denmark Says:


  8. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You can not imagine
    simply how much time I had spent for this info!

  9. votegirl67 Says:

    this is sooooooo mean of denmark and japan its just shame what if someone did that to humans that is so cruel dolphins are innocent and generous its so mean of them i mean in china they eat puppies really!!?! thats just mean and stupid

  10. Dwayne Says:

    I was looking at Denmark for a place to visit this August 2012, but after seeing this article, no way would I visit such a barbaric country. The Faroe Islands may be somewhat self governing, but they are indeed a Denmark dependency entity, where Denmark provides military, police, governing laws/justice, currency and foreign affairs. If Denmark can not stop such a horrendous senseless and STUPID killing event, then they are not getting my tourist dollars!

  11. Miranda Wohlwend Says:

    This is so sad. How could anyone do such a thing to such beautiful cureatures. It true that we eat beef but whales and dolphins are way more beautifuul than cows plus they dont smell as bad as cows do.

  12. adam Says:

    that is retarted who would wanna do that to the beautiful creatures?

  13. Oh come on! first of all, it’s not an race threatned by extinct. And why is it so ashamefull and horribel to kill those animals for meat (yes, the feroes people eats the afterward) when it’s okay to kill cows, pigs, ect.? well it isn’t that horrribel.

    It’s just because it’s different from your culture. for example, a rabbit or horse can make a delicious meal, but i’m certain that most western girlchilds will describe it as disgusting. And many adult wont.

    in stead of complaining about these whales you have been eaten for many hundreds of years, you should many start being disgusted by how many parents in the US lets there children become fat and obese, and how nobody seems to be doing any thing to rescue the children in africa who dies of malnutrition and hunger.

    This is sad news, but i am posting it to contrast how we respond to a crisis involving dolphins in the US, and in New England in particular. Just a little encouragement, people do care. Many

  15. Onceagain men are proving their stupidity by doing this…and to prve what ?? that they are men??? that’s the stupidest thing that I’ve heard in all my life…… – men

  16. Paskell Says:

    and you wonder why japan gets hit by tsunamies. Its Karma for you sick people who kill very intelligent dolphins. and no I’m not from pita or something stupid. i can see how people kill cows and deer etc but something as smart as a dolphin or spectacular as a whale. your a disgusting human being. Sorry to say but f you kill something like a dolphin you deserve to be punished.

  17. I think Faraoes and Japan are just to pride to end their slaughter.Japans early slaughter of whales in antartica are no longer a economic profit, because of the seashepherd organisation.
    But as we speak, dolphins are being driven to a certain death in Taji Japan, known as the Cove. They also handpick some of the dolphins to be sold to a lifetime in slavery at aquariums.They make BIG money in this.
    Sea Shepherd went to the Faraoes last year, and the killing where actually delaid because of this…but they couldn’t stay there forever 😦
    I do belive that the only thing to be done about this is to be present, documenting and see to that the world will have no chance to forget.
    Our goverments will not do anything, but kiss as on high economic nations.
    Support Seasheperd, whos the only organisation who is actually doing something, thats my advise.

  18. Maria Says:

    Om my GOd.PLease stop killing them..PLEASe, you have to stop it!! the nature created them ..the human have no rights to decide ..stop KILLING DOLPHINS!!!!

  19. People who take part – whether directly or indirectly – in acts like these that torture and slaughter innocent animals, are a cancer to our ecosystem, our culture as humans, and our self-respect as a species. The only reason Government does not intervene and stop these cruel acts is because they see no direct profit in doing so. Don’t fool yourself to think that we can wait and rely on our Government to end this – we will we waiting for a very long time. Almost all change is a result of everyday people coming together towards a greater cause. We need to use incentives to make people listen – if we could show these people (Denmark, Norway, Japan…) how they can reverse their cruelty to whales and dolphins and make profit by protecting whales and dolphins (via whale watching tours and tourism attractions), we might have a good chance at stopping this act for good. A genius student from Norway came up with this concept – he proved how Norway could immensely profit from becoming a whale watching tourist hotspot, rather than keeping with their stale tradition of killing whales for meat. Unfortunately, money reigns supreme for Governments. So if we can show them how a living whale/dolphin creates more profit than a dead one, we can make change. We need good public relations writers and media to make this a large movement that isn’t forgotten. Monies can be raised to establish independent companies within each country, creating jobs through whale watching tours and documentary making. It’s an alternative concept for sure – one that requires us to put aside our instinctual tendency to hate and attack, and rise above our instincts to instead teach and guide. This is entirely possible. Contact me if you are interested in discussing this and creating action:

  20. echozeroPH Says:

    don’t call you’re country “civilzed” unless you know how to respect other species…do you think that after killing those whales you’ll be adult or being mature? No!, that is being IMMATURE!

  21. Why are you doing this?? Poor dolphins. I would do anything to stop killing dolphins.

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    […]slaughtery of Dolphins in Denmark « born to be free …[…]…

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  26. What do they get upon killing those innocent poor dolphins? It doesn’t even make sense. Does it need to prove that your already matured enough to become an adult?. Maturity comes from within. Didn’t they know? All people will undergo into stages, whether they like or not all will become adults. And the hard part is they need to kill in order to prove themselves.

    ANIMAL ABUSE! they should be arrested upon doing that. As I saw those photos, videos, articles, it really crashes my heart. Instead of preserving those because anytime, or any minute by now they’re already near to extinction, it seems like they don’t care at all. All they think is they need to prove themselves.Such CRUEL PEOPLE!

    We need to stop this massive killing, and protect God’s creation. STOP animal abuse. And find justice to those poor things.

  27. justine clair lim Says:

    this is so bad all of my life i have been dreaming to save the animals and love them always but this time i cried beacause of my touching heart you know dolphins are good for entertaining thy are intelligent they are kind they dont hurt people but this is a ddisaster that ia have seen…. 😦 😦 😦 😦

  28. esther Says:

    why do they need to kill those dolphins ? i do hope that there will be a day that they’re going to stop this because GOD made this animals for us to live with them not to kill them!:'(

  29. drew santos Says:

    and if you say hunting???? why not hunt other species in which you can culture them then set them free for you to hunt….or hunt your own people in your tribe to save your tradition

  30. the bomb Says:

    wt. OK i already watch enough, this kind of slaughter job does not mean in their life. of that is a tradition?? then what kind of fucking tradition is that? omg those poor whale or dolphins. . have mercy

  31. gustavo Says:

    The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, along with Denmark proper and Greenland.

  32. debonaire Says:

    dun defend giving those stupid logic.. chickens n dolphins n whales they’re different!!! HAVE MERCY!!

  33. angeline Says:

    This is NOT the same as killing a cow. you kill a cow quickly, and make sure it is as painless as possible. and it is done discreetly in a building, away from public
    killing the whales on the beach? letting the blood flow into the sea like that. using small sharp objects to slowly kill the whales?

  34. Garnicle Says:

    having read most of these comments I am absolutely amazed at some of the resaons people are giving to justify this senseless and barabaric practice. Just because other species are farmed, killed or hunted for food does not make this ok and is in no way a justification.

    It seems that these animals are not killed for survival – as they are not fit to eat. So the only remaining reason is cultural – but cultures are constantly evolving and do not stay the same forever. It appears that this “ritual” is a family event and must be enjoyed by the people participating, or why would they bother? Does it make them feel good to do this? And is this all the justification they need?

    It would make me feel good to round up all the people who take part in acts like this, torture and disembowel them, then let them die slowly along with their friends and family members. So should I be allowed to do this? According to the people who support killing dolphins and whales, just wanting to do it gives them the right to. But there seems to be greater justification in killing the people who do this because in my opinion they are ignorant and harmful to the planet. Imagine how many dolphins and whales would be saved – innocent creatures that live in harmony with the planet – by removing ignorant, arrogant, violent humans who do not make this planet a better place.

    Comments that try to label those against the slaughter as racists are displaying this ignorance – this is not a racial issue – this is about humanity vs the planet. If “hunting” these beautiful creatures makes you more of a ‘man’, then surely killling the stupid, destructive men who do it makes you a god!

  35. Yes, we humans eat chicken, cows and so on but this is about ppl making a show out of this, like you’re enjoying the process of killing these beautiful animals, they do it to prove their “manhood” for crying out loud. What does manhood has to do with killing!! That is just cruel!

  36. When a cow is killed, or a sheep, or a chicken, they are killed swiftly and as humanely as possible. They do not know what is going on. They are not allowed to run about in other animals blood, distressed and frightened.

    This is not about devaluing others cultures or ‘telling people what to do’. This is about asking the human race, which is supposed to be intelligent and emphatic, to take some responsibility. To respect others…whether they are human or animal. If they must kill whales for food…why in this particular way?

    It deeply saddens me to see a sight like this. Cannibalism was part of certain tribes cultures. Do we all say that they have a right to do what they please? No.

    The problem is some ignorant people believe that the human race is somewhat superior to every other living creature. I believe every living person or animal deserves respect.

  37. mico Says:

    what kind of demons are they??!!!! should i say “more than a demon”???

  38. Maria Says:

    Hey!! Dolphins and chicken r different!!! There r so many facts that dolphins r much more intellected animals, they r so close to people! Yes people r killing cows and chicken to get meat, but what`s the reason in killing that animals?? they r not even eating the meet after! I think nature will punish the humanity for that…actually its doing this.. its killing people that we r killing nature.. everything has its balance…the wrong thing is people who r doing it should get the feedback of their acts..those ppl who r doing it in a such cruel way, looking how animlas r suffering, getting even pleasure of it, they r murders..they can after kill maybe SOMEBODY else… my heart can`t be calm from these pictures…

  39. Maria Says:

    I cant understand why they r doing it?? They wanna show they r cool or what? Dont they have other businesses to do more useful, maybe at least smth to rise their IQ lever for a bit?? They r sick in their head..I think that sometimes ots more worse than a murder.. poor animals even can not do anything to protect themselves. They r trusting ppl.. I think those ppl who r doing these things, who r so cruel, can kill someday somebody else.. and i can not believe that there r people near them who r careless, that there r nobody to stop them!!!

  40. mali Says:

    such a shame for all habitants of this planet ,this alive planet.I do not what to say .do you think that the writer should use the attribute of “BARBARIC” … we claime to be civilized … may God have mercy to all of us.

  41. rosa pearl Says:

    this is a very shamefull act .i today regret being a merciless these people are………..

  42. Shebiscuit Says:

    Hiya Eddie..First off,100’s of “customs” that were the norm in human society’s have been outlawed because it’s just cruel and unnecessary and we all know better now…this should be one of them.Secondly,you said “u feel the need to try and control what other people do?” and then you go on to say how people should only care about human that not dictating to people what they should do too? I hate that attitude,I’m a member of peta AND amnesty international,I do a fast for concern every year&I’ve done a marathon for a children’s hospital too,yet my main concern is animals..are you going to judge me for that?forgive me,but I think that’s stupid logic..I care about all living things,as most animal rights people do 🙂

  43. Eddie Says:

    First off it’s their custom if u don’t like it don’t move their or join them. Who are you to tell anyone what they are and are not allowed to do. They are not breaking any laws why do u feel the need to try and control what other people do? Try worrying about yourself and leave others to do as they wish. Or better yet take up a cause they deals with the injustice of humans u know ur own species.

  44. Jorge Sampaio Says:

    Alexandra Says:
    23/04/2010 at 07:09

    … Do you know how many cows are killed? How many chickens? How many pigs? Do you know how they die? It’s the most cruel act you can ever witness.

    Sorry, Alexandra, but this does not JUSTIFY the killings. Cows, chickens, pigs, etc are killed to feed us; even being barbarian, at least there is a purpose, nothing is waste. On the other hand, those killings are useless, coward; after killed, the animals are thrown away, discarded. It serves only to celebrate the “puberty of the youth”.

  45. katie Says:

    I am only 14, and I am doing a science project about dolphins and how they affect us when really we are the ones that are affecting them and there well being. This is inhuman, cruel and all others that go with it! This is just sick! I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING AND TO SEE THAT CHILDREN ARE WALKING BY AND SEEING THESE POOR CREATURES BEING TOURCHERED MADE ME SICK!

  46. Carsten Says:

    Check your facts. Danes do not kill dolphins, we don’t even have any. Yes, the Faroe Islands are a constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark, but it is almost entirely self-governed.

    Denmark is a part of and voted for the International Whaling Commission’s ban on on commercial whaling in 1986. In this (and most other) respects the Faroe Islands are closer to Norway who object to the ban and allow commercial whaling.

  47. charly Says:

    I Cant bealive the horible things this fuket up bastards are doing its horrible i had to turn 1 off the videos off beacaus i felt like i was going to be sick its so discosting the pore animals were still moving when the peaple were cuting them and they were wrigling to get away it is just horrible and anyone who thinks other waysis sick in the head

  48. colby Says:

    the animals are not dolphins they are whales
    they are not an endangered species of whales either
    slaughtering the whales is the same thing as slaughtering cows
    the people are slaughtering them for meat so they can eat it
    if you think this is ridiculous your saying that slaughtering cows is ridiculous

  49. @ Andy,
    Another Dane/Danish resident, who feels himself personally attacked and tries to push blame on others. Relationship Faroe Islands-Denmark is manipulated, as one pleases – when it is beneficial, then Denmark points on administrative boundaries to Faroe; when it is not beneficial – Denmark is distancing from Faroe-Islands-Businesses. In addition – whoever is administratively liable for this – it is barbarous, primitive and illegal!
    P.S: it is remarkable how much are Danes (at least – 99% of those i have had a chance to speak about this topic with – and those are many, as my husband is Dane) – personally insulted when someone (read – I) “dears” to criticize Whaling! It is being taken as national and patriotic tribune!

  50. andy Says:

    very nice images, but why doesn’t wendy give any real facts against whaling on the faroe islands??? and why did nobody tell her that this isn’t happening in denmark, but on the autonomous faroe islands??? and why doesn’t she also complain about people killing other wild animals like deer, boars, birds or rabbits???

  51. im pissed off this made me cry it just so sad but watch when im 18 ima get a huge gun and shoot all of these retared ass people whos in with me????????

  52. Helene Says:

    I was thinking of going to the Faroer Islands until I saw this.
    I’m not supporting the killing of whales, endangered or not, killing wild animals is just plain wrong and traditions are not an excuse any longer.

  53. König, Franziska Says:

    Ich bin schockiert und entsetzt!

  54. tanya Says:

    but it’s okay to kill chickens, pigs and cows right.

  55. Dalina Says:

    I am ashamed to be a human being!

  56. veronica clifton Says:

    Appalling acts of cruelty

  57. Alexandra Says:

    When will we understand that the killing of any animal is horrible. It’s inhumane and to answer one of the questions I saw. Yes we should all be vegeterians. First of all it’s the most humane thing to do. Do you know how many cows are killed? How many chickens? How many pigs? Do you know how they die? It’s the most cruel act you can ever witness. And all of this is happening because we want to satisfy ourselves. If the excuse is protein. You can find protein in broccoli, nuts, beans etc. We don’t have to kill animals! Any animals! God have mercy on all of us. Watch this video in youtube! This is happening everywhere!! Go here…

  58. Hank Says:

    I’ve heard enough. So far all attempts to justify the act have to do with deflecting attention to “other unfairness and cruelty”. Bad neighbours don’t make yourself look good… they make the whole neighbourhood bad, including you.

    But nothing will change unless the Faroe people feel the strain, financial strain, such as a boycott of products that comes from there – until such time they stop this practice. That starts with me. I’ll ID products/services that comes from the Faroes and stop using them.

  59. Megan Says:

    This is truly one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. WHY would anyone EVER want to do this? To prove their “manhood”, “heroism”? Yep it’s really “heroic” to butcher thousand of innocent, helpless creatures who have swam close to be friendly, hardly expecting to have their innards pulled out. Absolutely barbaric. And are these animals used for any purpose? Or just left to rot? SICK.

  60. Gemma Says:

    I don’t understand why people make things like this, it is horrible.

  61. Manuela Says:

    It is heartbreaking to see the carnage of these beautiful, intelligent creatures who seek contact with human beings and are met by the most shameful, unforgivable, inhuman human behaviour.

  62. I hate the ruthless Japanese. They have no heart!! I have seen something similar where japanese men skin dogs alive! Disgusting government, digusting people.

  63. Rosie Manton & Malise Wagstaff Says:

    This is terrible, and in such an otherwise very civilized country. We can scarcely credit it and support any efforts to stop it.

  64. triskelion Says:

    god bless this earth. forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing.

  65. David T Says:

    I will do my own comments of my own.

    I don think killing and slaughtering is right for any facts or reason. Even for money or amusement, this is WRONG. why kill to prove yourself as a man? why do u have prove? or by killing? This is CHILDISH( as a child only care for himself, unable to learn to give) This isn’t raciest or anything, it is not Demark fault but its government who did nothing and the people doing it.
    It is not Japan people fault but the government who KNEW and did nothing about it and those idiots who do this for MONEY!

    conclusion: I HATE those SLAUGHTERER and the GOVERNMENT DO NOTHING (because they have the power to stop but nothing been done)

  66. Tanmay Srivastava Says:

    I am very sad about the behavior of men with these animals

  67. but one could use your argumentation for any other animal, too, jen.
    do we all have to get vegetarians to be good humans, jen? i think this isn’t natural for us.

  68. it just seems so horrible to do such a thing
    why eat more animals when we already eat enough you dont need to add another animal on the list. i would understand if you were poor and had no food to eat a dog or whale but these days have changed and man kind seems to think that we it is never enough until everything is cunsumed.
    its like saying you killed someone because you had to prove you were stronger
    i wouldnt be suprise if the end of the world were to happen soon. human kind is too evil.

  69. Food? I wonder. Why are the carcasses just lying there to rot? Seafood is notorious for going bad in no time!

    One can justify just about anything with crooked logic (such as diverting our attention to other acts of animal cruelty which is somehow supposed to redeem such dolphin cruelty.) Absolutely nothing will justify the way the slaughtering is done… for food or for fun. If these people can’t afford more humane slaughter-houses, they should go eat something else. I mean, we’re not in the Dark Ages (although some would disagree.)

  70. Hi.
    I’m sorry, but we people in the Faroes, are not like you think.
    Its just the same thing, to eat a cow, ore something like that.
    So you just shut up about our food 😛

  71. Nora Latam Says:

    One day Im sure the tables will b turned and we will need these animals here in great numbers yet we have killed off. We cannot replace what we have removed. Too bad…. Im so ashamed to b a human.

  72. what a shame japan! we were made equally and commanded to treat others the same especially to the animals. and does this show kindness to the animals? you’ve killed thousands of whales already! are you not contented? I cried when i saw this and knew about this! can you even see your faults? or you’re just blinded? WAKE UP JAPAN!!!!!! you’ve been so brutal to the animals! 😦 stop this cruelty please! i’m begging you! I love the animals! so as nature! so please! don’t wait for the world to be perished and be destroyed by the hands of cruel people! please!

  73. keenan Says:

    Im in grade 4 and i watched this movie and what the japenese did is outrageous thats the most sickening thing i’ve ever seen in my life how could somebody do something like that to pore inicent dolphins. that have actually saved us from shark attaks and japan kills them in return please save the dolphins

  74. phil c Says:

    after seeing “the cove” in this day and age i cannot belive that the goverment of japan is or pretends to turn a blind eye to something so brutal. I have never in my life(and i work in the milatary)have every seen something as disgusting and arcaic as this.the only thing worse would be rounding up a bus of school children and slashing there your eyes japan and if anyone reads this please do somthing\anything to stop this.

  75. I dont want to pretend that I have ¨in-depth knowledge about the topic¨, and because of this I didn’t write an article about this in a blog! But I think, anyone who writes about anything should have!

    But, even without deeper work on this topic, I know that the Faroes are self-governed and autonomous; so this doesn’t take place in Denmark.

  76. Karl, you are welcome to supply your ¨in-depth knowledge about the topic¨.

  77. Totally agree with vic.

    This article only addresses the feelings, without giving serious arguments and facts; some of the few “facts” given are even wrong. For me it tends to look only like one of those many campaigns of some little kids with the will to rescue some cute animals, without any in-depth knowledge about the topic.

  78. I got an e-mail on this subject today and decided to take a few minutes to look into it. To be honest I felt pretty sure that most of the e-mail was not going to be factually correct. It relied on ugly pictures and large bold red letters to elicit sympathy and to convey its main message. The author slandered the entire population of this small country “To show that they are adults and mature….. BULLLLsh” “In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator””. The author could not even be bothered to spell-check before sending the e-mail. This type of e-mail usually turns people like me off. In the e-mail I received, the animal quoted was incorrect, the rite of passage line was false, the country was wrong, there seems to be a possibility of mass stranding with this species (Wikipedia), and there seems to be a complete lack of any effort on the part of the author to present anything like an argument of any kind.
    So as I was saying, I thought I’d take a minute to look into the e-mail I received and found this blog. Same thing here. I had to sift through a lot of nonsense and some name-calling to get some facts. I can see many of you feel very strongly about this. For those of you who are interested in furthering this cause or any other, you will get much further with honest considered debate. I can see you have that here too. I’m just saying that whoever sends out these e-mails and passes them along is just plain lazy. I will not pass the one I received today along. As far as I’m concerned, getting this crap in my mail is like saying “here’s a picture, isn’t that terrible? Lets put a stop to it!” and then I’m supposed to feel terrible and pass it along to everyone and feel better. How simple are some folks?

  79. Torrey Says:

    After reading all of this information and viewing these pictures I am disgusted. In reading the replies and responses approving or not disapproving of this action I ask this:

    Alaskan King Crab: gathered up in huge nets and these creatures are put alive in boiling water. I know it is a crab and not a beautiful dolphin but we are barbaric in some of the ways we kill animals for our consumption.

    If they are using all of the dolphin like the Natives in Alaska use all of the Whale then are we more disgusted with how it is occuring then the fact that they are eatting the dolphin?

    It does not seem right to me but I did want to offer this other opinion or point of view. I lived in Alaska for 23 years and know how Whales are harvested and crabs. Bear, Elk, etc. But very little is left behind, most every part of the animal is used in one way or another.

  80. @ Shelly,

    Are you feeling yourself responsible (as the tone from your message)?

    Or is it only bad conscious, saying “please don’t confront me with facts, so I don’t have to think about them and make my own opinion”! Or “let us do our own killings without being criticized”? Both Denmark and Faroes are part of Europe and the World and are obliged to apply to the international laws.

    What campaign in Copenhagen are you talking about?

  81. Brotin Says:

    this inhuman please stop it

  82. K.M. Says:

    it is not denmark slaughting the dolphins, its the autonomous faroe islands, and it is not a danish campaign but a uno-conference, but apart from that i totally agree with you.

  83. shelly Says:

    i totally agree with u(the guy below me)

  84. shelly Says:

    what asses denmark kills so many poor creatures and now they are having a campaign (copenhagen) why not try and deal with your own MAJOR problems before sorting others’ out.

  85. @ Bubbles,

    thank you very much for support, luckily majority of community from this blog is still reasonable, but it is, after all, also helpful to hear that there are other views- that is, after all, democracy.
    It is also important to see how people are thinking, in order to know where and how to start education.
    After all, you can’t teach blind to see, but you can help blind to get along better.
    Have a nice day!

  86. @Nech Neum
    1-2 . if one started a blog with somewhat false or partly false information, it doesn’t mean that all comments are false.

    Furthermore, your communication style is everything else than civilized and this discredits you more than anything else you wrote so far.

    4 Proportion of wild animals that are not being killed immediately is very low, as the shot is repeated, if this isn’t the case. Here, the whole procedure is targeted not to kill them immediately, so 99% of them are not killed immediately. Big difference!
    6. Which film are you talking about? Are you maybe suggesting that this may not be true? You are really going too far!

    7. I am not communicating using smilies, but words. You may get back this discussion of civilized track, please.

    Concerning poisoning, what Faroes government is saying is politically and commercially painted, their need to protect their handling is higher than protecting their own citizens’ public health, obviously! And you may unfortunately be too naive not to see this. God (and German authorities)help your children!

    You may distinguish your own feeling of insult from high sensitivity on critics and generalizing traditions with nationalities.

  87. Bubbles Says:,
    I completely agree with you everything you have said and back it 100%.

    @Nech Neum,
    You are so arrogant it makes me sick. There is no need for the smiley faces after your points and the condescending attitude. Just because you disagree with our opinions does not mean that your right and above us.

    In General: I do not understand why people continuously make the comparison between killing pigs, cows, and chickens to what is happening to these whales. It is not the same situation. These people do not breed and raise these animals in order to kill them for food. There is nothing regulating the population of these animals and at the rate they are being killed it is almost inevitable that they will end up on the endangered species list and eventually even extinction. The fact is that we raise pigs, cows, and chickens for slaughter. No they may not have a good life and there is some mistreatment of them as they are raised- which I strongly think we should be looking into and regulating since we are going to be eating it and shouldnt be eating sick or lamed animals-but for the most part when its time for them to be slaughtered for meat it is a fairly quick process. There is nothing quick about what is done to these whales and dolphins. There are tons of videos of people who kill these animals where you watch the animals suffer as they slowly die. Ive seen videos where bottlenose dolphins make these horrible cries as they flop around on the ground with their throats slit.

    Also, the reason we are not talking about the mistreatment and killing of other animals on this page is because this is a page about whaling. Mostly focusing on the faroe islands. So, when people come on here and criticize people like me and say were hypocrites because we dont care about the other animals it seriously pisses me off! I am so for all animal rights. I think there are several things that need to be worked on and fixed and I comment and am involved with all sorts of animal conservation programs and such, but this is about whaling. So dont talk like you know us and how we feel about all of these matters. Because its very probable that if people disagree with this they also disagree with all sorts of animal abuse issues. It is very simply a choice that we make to be more involved in some things than others. And I personally have grown up and been passionate about whales my entire life and considered getting my degree in animal psychology and marinebiology so that I could research and work with these magnificent animals, but I chose to come at it from the way of a law degree and working on tightening the world wide laws against it in order to hopefully save the animals that I love so much. I do not care what anyone thinks about that or how you feel about it. It is my choice to express how I feel and to be passionate about whatever I want. This page is a page against whaling so of course thats the focal point.

    I understand that this is a tradition to these people, but that doesnt make it right. Many religions and cultures thought that animal sacrifice was ok and wonderful, but that didnt stop society from finding it wrong and working to stop it. Now at least in the US its a crime known as animal abuse. And thats exactly what is happening in the faroe islands… ANIMAL ABUSE! Killing mass numbers of these animals only to leave the majority to rot is wrong. Maybe if these people limited what they killed and only killed enough to share among themselves to eat there wouldnt be so many people against it and upset about whats going on.

  88. Nech Neum Says:

    1-2 In a blog, in which the headlines are simply false, you should not take anything too serious. My opinion.

    4 So, killing an wild animal with a shot does always kill immidiately, right? That isn’t right. There are many cases, in which the animal isn’t hit exactly like it should be, it’s only wounded, and than it is nearly the same way to die as in the case of whaling, right? It bleeds until it dies or until it is found and killed. This is exactly what hounds are trained for, to follow a wounded animal and show the hunter where it is.

    6 Then, why is it possible that this film was shown without any indication in the public, state-owned TV? Perhaps because it is an documentary?

    5 I wrote: “Today, of course, there are many new possibilities coming from modern methods in agriculture and transportation. But still they have to import high percentages of their food, especially meat.” Whats wrong with this?

    7 I think you missed the ” 😉 ”

    I think, with the Faroese government saying 2 times a month is ok, you can eat it every 1-4 months without dieing immidiately, because I don’t think they want to kill theirselves. I saw to many people alive there tthat for me it’s impossible to believe this. My unchangeable point of view.

    To your statement suggesting me to have racist tendencies I’d say, there are some people who do only see what they want to see. I understand this as an personal insult and I will not discuss any longer with people offending me.

    Bye then

  89. @Nech Neum
    4. Wild is also killed by a shot, killing it immediately, not dragging it with a metal hook through the breathing-hole, which is slowly wounded and slowly starts to hurt and eventually to bleed – this is torture and has nothing to do with hunting wild. In case of “domestic” animals, those are either anesthetized or neck artery cut (in first case, they fall asleep, in second case-they loose conscious immediately). None of this is the case with whales, therefore is your comparison inappropriate.

    6. Exactly in Germany movies showing this amount of killing tribe and blood are banned for children below 16. If you show them to your children, you are made responsible for potential psychological damages, they may suffer du to the inappropriate upbringing; may have legal consequences!
    5. You wrote that this is no longer the case? How would you know? Of course, adults follow, in a small society as those islands (compare with your islands in Baltic), any gathering reason is made a social event, as people are otherwise isolated and related to each other. This is a case with any small society, and also with this one.
    7 . Of course, you haven’t seen whale meat in supermarket – have you asked yourself whether this may something to do with boycott.

    To your answers to my questions:
    1. This has nothing to do with “some environment activists” nor traditions. Luckily there are no such events in Germany; otherwise youth-care-authorities would have something to say on this.
    2. Good luck! Would you also give it to your pregnant wife or child in development? If yes, then you would be subject for criminal ofence of physical injury! You obviously have no idea how serious this matter is!

    No, no generalizations nor prejudices! You are the one who is justifying this barbaric tradition with Faroe being nice people – meaning – justifying a specific act with generalization on whole nation! Meaning – you suggest – everyone who has something against this act – has something against all Faroes!

  90. Nech Neum Says:

    Sorry for double post, but if it is an “anti-killing-in-brutal-way-whales-campaign”, then I like it; the only point about it is, that for me, this seems not to be extraordinary brutal, and it seems like big excitement for a relative small problem. And, sorry, but it seems, that this article is more addressing emotions, and not giving facts and rational reasons against whaling. For me it’s just far more brutal having ten thousands of ducks in halls without daylight in small laying batteries all over the world, you know? <- This is a part of a film, in which a Grindadráp is shown. This is only meant do demonstrate that in Germany it is free to see things like this for people of all ages in the afternoon. This is possible in the entire EU.

    And one more time: This comment is not meant to be racistic, as all my other comments.

  91. Nech Neum Says:

    1-2 If it’s clear that the Faroes are not a part of DK, then you’ve got to change the headline! And if it’s clear that it is no part of DK, why is there a sentence like “[…]in some parts of Denmark, a country of the European Union.”? This would be the first thing I would check if I would write an article like this… For me this “ruins the credibility” of the whole blog. So does an expression like “cruel disgusting people”, thats nothing but subjective.
    The thing with the soccer team was a joke (you know, humor?), but anyway, in some ways I think, soccer national teams say at least something about the administrative status of a country; with giving them the right to have an own team, FIFA, a really big international organisation (I know that it’s nothing official and political like the UNO), accepts their status as a nation.

    3 I didn’t mistrust your clarification of dolphins/whales, I added some species.

    4 Then you cannot eat any wild meat. Either you get vegetarian or you have to eat raised animals… Is it better to have animals raised?

    6 Of course I know the images and cons about it, and that’s made to an event in which childs take part. I think if they raise with traditions like this, they get to know it and do not see that as very brutal. And, by the way, in Germany and most countries of Europe, movies about things like this are not “banned” until the age of 16/18. I think it’s important that childs learn where their food comes from, and not “barbaric”.

    5 (why 5 after 6?) I wrote, that this is no longer the case. If it’s only for “entering-into-manhood”, why are there so many old people (60, 70, …) taking part in Grindadráps?

    7 I’ve never seen any whale meet in any European supermarket, so whats wrong about it? 😉

    To your questions:
    1. Yes, I would. For me it’s important that children see how such traditions work, even if it’s brutal in the eyes of some environment activists. If this would affect children, then most Faroese would have to be violent people. At least they could decide to get vegetarian after this.
    2. Yes, I would, not very often, but sometimes I would.

    So I’m German => I’m racist??? What’s this? Is this logical? Is this an argument? Is this an insult? Is this a prejudice? I think expressions like “cruel disgusting people”, like in the article, are offending? And not “[…]understanding for the traditions and cultures”, as I wrote? Why should this be racistic? You wouldn’t have written this if I would be from any other country, am I wrong? Please show me the racism in my statements, I don’t see it and if someone may understand it so, he doesn’t understand what I meant. Would like to have an explication about that.

    Best Regards

  92. @ Nech Neum ,

    1-2. concerning administrative status of Faroe Islands, it has already been clarified in this Forum that- Faroes are not part of Denmark and not of EU, nevertheless still financially dependent of Denmark. Soccer clubs are not administratively relevant. This, as well as out-of-the-concept generalizations and comparisons with common Wealth are ruining your credibility.
    3. Difference between dolphins have as well been clarified.
    4. It is not amount of blood, but the way whales are killed (amount and time of proven suffering until they die, unlike your references from point 6; obviously you haven`t had an access to official reports from authorities on the topic), as well as the fact that this is made to an social event that even children take part into, make this barbaric. For reference – (for you to understand, as you mentioned movies)- even movies with so bloody and brutal content are banned for age less than 16 or 18 – with good reason!

    5. Faroes have had limited possibilities to gain food – but this is no longer the case! Even more so, even if they were dependent on whale meat (which is not the case nowadays), 10% of killed whales would cover up for the nutritional needs – if it hasn`t been for sales (which you deny). Furthermore, I wonder what is the whale-meat, which is left to rotten on the beaches – being used for?! Neither for eating nor for selling! But maybe some boy has fulfilled his entering-into-manhood ritual on that very whale (the main purpose of this blood-bath).

    7. It is proven that this IS soled for commercial purposes, as German (I am surprised that you don`t know about it, but I have emails from relevant managers of those chains, that I contacted personally, confirming this) Food chains (such as ALDI, EDEKA…) have boycotted whale-meat-sales (whales are slaughtered only at Faroes, other similar slaughter event is in Japan, but there are dolphins)

    I would be curious to know following:
    1. would you take your son-boy to attend and participate at such event?
    2. would you feed your children with whale-meat, knowing that it is poisoned with mercury?

    I have no doubt that Faroes may be calm and friendly. This is not Anti-Faroes-campaign, but anti-killing-in-brutal-way-whales-campaign; you may distinguish your statements, because some may understand it as racistic!

  93. Nech Neum Says:

    1. Everyone writing about something going on on the Faroes should know and respect, that the Faroe Islands DO NOT BELONG to Denmark.
    They’re only an “autonomous province of the Kingdom of Denmark”; this means, they have an own government, own administration, own laws, own state-owned companies, an own social system, an own national team in soccer, and so on and so on and do only sometimes cooperate in foreign and defence policy. In fact, no habitant of the Faroes would ever say he’s from Denmark and most of them do not even want to be related to Denmark. The Faroese people come from a completely different cultural environment.
    Therefore you should perhaps think about changeing your title, because it IS SIMPLY WRONG. There are no dolphins slaughted in Denmark. And, the Faroe Islands are not “some parts of Denmark” as mentioned in the text.
    It is like saying to an Australian that he’s from Great Britain, because his nation is in the Commonwealth of Nations and Queen Elisabeth II is the monarch of Australia. So there are many British people on the world, right?

    2. The Faroe Islands ARE NOT A PART OF THE European Union! As I said, they are an own state, which is not part of the EU.

    3. Pilot whales, which are dolphins, as you wrote, are not the only species hunted on the Faroes. They do also hunt common bottlenose dolphins, white-sided dolphins and rissos dolphins and some other species.

    4. In my eyes, there’s nothing exceptional bad about Grindadráps (as these whaling events are called in the Faroes) . The main reason, why there’s such a high number of humans protesting against this traditional method of hunting is that photos like this have the POTENTIAL TO EVOKE VERY STRONG EMOTIONS:
    – First, there are those “cute little” whales. But, did you never see a pig or a cow or something else? Do you think, they are not cute, especially if they’re young? And what about Kangaroos? I think, there are many Europeans (like me) who like these cute little Kangoroos and cannot even imagine eating one.
    – Then, there seems to be so much blood in those photos. But, do you really think a cow or a pig doesn’t have any blood? I think, the water makes the difference. It’s like a cup of coffee: If you put milk into it, the whole coffee gets bright.
    – And even more cruel: All this cute little animals having to lieing in their own blood! But, do you think, they do all live when lieing in this all this red water? And if so, where does the blood come from then?
    – Then there are “these cruel disgusting people”, looking “barbarian” and killing this cute whales. But, what exactly is better when killing any other wild animal? Or do you think a pig raised in a farm and living indoor the whole live has had a more happy life then a dolphin/whale, who lived in freedom for many years? For me it’s one of the most natural things: “eaten and being eaten.” What should there be special about dolphins?

    5. After watching some movies, do you really think, all Faroese people are cruel and disgusting and barbarians? If so, I can tell you MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I made on the Faroes: I got to know them as some of the most quiet, peaceful and friendly people of the world.
    The only thing is, that people on the Faroes had to live with very limited natural possibilities concerning food for many centuries. So they needed dolphins/whales as an natural resource for their living, and not something to show their manhood/adulthood. And even if, they do not kill dozens of whales/dolphins and throw the meat away after that, but they use it as food.
    Today, of course, there are many new possibilities coming from modern methods in agriculture and transportation. But still they have to import high percentages of their food, especially meat. Now, if they wouldn’t have the dolphin’s meat as ADDITIONAL RESOURCE FOR FOOD, of course they’d have to import more meat. Would this have an good effect for the climate?
    And why do many people constantly trie to destroy traditions like this? In times of globalisation, shouldn’t we all try to conserve our traditions? Would you be happy, if people to other countries would come into your country only to tell you to stop living out your traditions, your heritage? People, who think (after seeing some photos or movies) to know everything better than those, living for many years with this cultural background?

    6. Even if it LOOKS quite cruel, in fact the methods of the Faroese Grindadráps are not as inhuman as you claim: After a dolphin is pulled on the strand, it is immidiately killed and dies within a few seconds.
    In addition, if one individual finds a way to get out of the bay where the Grindadráp takes place, people have to let it go. It is not as “ruthless” as you said in the text, in fact it is exactly the opposite: There EXIST VERY STRICT RULES which these people have to follow when taking part in a Grindadráp. There are, for example, also laws, which define the weapons the humans are permitted to use; they cannot only catch anything they have in their house and go out killing some whales. It is all regulated by the national government.

    7. The last point, which I want to mention now, is that the meat isn’t sold to McDonalds or any other restaurant, but it is shared equally between everyone in the area, in which the Grindadráp took place. In fact, it isn’t legal selling any whale/dolphin meat on the Faroes. So it’s sure that it is only used for eating, and NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

    In conclusion, I want to say, that I do not want you to get fans of this hunting method, but that you should always try to look BOTH SIDES of a thing and perhaps show some understanding for the traditions and cultures of other folks and not only abuse people because there’s something, which appears strange to you.
    It might be better to get to know the backgrounds of traditions like this before complaining about it, and not just abuse people because someone tells that they do cruel things.
    And no, I’m not from the Faroes, I am from Germany.

    In that way…

  94. @Bubbles,
    I am fully agreeing with you! I do believe that systematic approach from all sides would be required to eradicate this barbaric tradition – from dedicated lawyers, medical doctors, scientists, politicians and managers of large sponsors (considering (in)direct political influence, those have in various societies). I am welcoming your dedication.
    I am also agreeing with you that it is more realistic to start with defining limits and legal tools to ensure their (limit) maintenance – similar steps have already been made in amateur-hunting matters. It can then still be tightened to a ban, when society is ready to make the step.

  95. Bubbles Says:

    I have personally done lots of research on whaling and I find it horrific. The way these animals are killed is no where near humane. The fact that someone can watch these videos and others like it and say that the animals dont suffer amazes me. By slashing the neck they are not killing them. The animals continue to fight against it and splash around in the waters. They die from suffocation and blood loss. There is nothing humane about that. I dont understand how people can say that this is justified because its a tradition and they eat it. They dont eat all of that whale meat. A large majority of it is left to rot on the beaches. That is so wrong and that is why I believe that this is more for pleasure and tradition than for nutritional purposes. I personally want to see this barbaric ritual ended completely, but at the very least it needs to be monitered and limited. Kill just enough to eat and leave the rest alone. I am in no way condoning this horrific act. I am against it 100%, but I also am realistic enough to know that ending it completely will take far longer than limiting it. At least if it was limited to just what people would it not so many innocent animals would be killed while we work to end it entirely. Throughout history traditions have changed and society evolved. In the days of Hammoraubi’s Code the laws were based of the ideal of eye for an eye and many times there punishments for things were much harsher than the crime. Back then the way they determined a persons guilt was usually taking them to the river and placing a large rock on them and if they didnt drown they were innocent. At that time swimming wasnt like it is today. So, its very likely that the vast majority did not live through it. This was the way things were done and yet we dont practice this today. As someone else also mentioned such things as slavery and abuse were accepted traditions, but yet society has moved away from tolerating these acts. And I dont need any egotistical jerk saying that because I feel this way Im low class because Im not. Im in law school and have been appalled and supporting all organizations working to stop animal cruelty. Not just whales and dolphins, but all animals. I just personally have a soft spot in my heart for whales and dolphins and intend on working in environmental law at some point in my career and working to tighten these laws and fight to stop all whaling and make sure that it is enforced. This has to stop. These people are not thinking about the environmental effects these mass killings will have. And even if pilot whales are not yet endangered they soon will be just like most other species of whales. We shouldnt wait for it to get to that point before doing something.

  96. Angela Says:

    Walter, you are so right!! Wisely said..
    And us humans is not so good in adapting.
    We have a lot to learn from Crocodiles.

  97. Humans also a part of nature and all whats done by humans also is an act of nature too …

    But if we are acting against nature we will provoke our own elimination, because if humans are not able to adapt to be part of nature, nature will go on without humans participation, ….

    Dinosaurs are gone, why humans think that they will survive their own ignorance?

  98. Angela Says:

    Hi and thanks Walter!
    I thought It was me doing something wrong.

    I couldn’t find that you had been in contact with Sea Shepard
    Hope I can link to thier website, and there is contact info.

    I hope you all, who cares visits their site and learn more.
    Founder and Capt Paul Watson is a co-founder of Greenpeace.
    But there are several differentes betwen them and Watson founded Sea Shepard 1977.
    They are very soon on their way to Antartica, Japan has already left for that goal…and I hope there be even more lives saved this year.
    Last year Japan had to go home 300 Whales short…300 LIVES, and the goal is to sink the fleet economily.
    Everyone has their opinion, but to me Paul Watson a genius and a hero.

    I wrote Paul a few days ago, but I think he is much to busy with preperation the voage.

    And Sandra, you are fantastic with words…you get people to listen.

  99. Sandra_KJ Says:


    I am very much agreeing with your comment from February – that too much generalization will bring us nowhere, because exception confirms the rule.

    I think that this counts for all aspects of life.

    As soon as you position yourself for something, you at the same position yourself against something else. If Faroes (and others) admit and open their eyes in front of this blood bath, they will then need to confront themselves with its consequences and make some decisions. Until then, everybody can pretend that nothing is happening. I think that we are all too used to (through our businesses) to negotiate and balance, that we sometimes forget that drawing the line is also required.

  100. because the administrator has to aprove the coment …

  101. Angela Says:

    Why does it takes several ours for a comment to get published?
    I confirm it right away in my mail

  102. Sandra_KJ Says:

    1. Dear Angela,
    Thank you. Pleas see my links/Email-addresses I contacted – the organization may be among them. If not, please provide the link, I will be happy to contact them.
    I do agree that helplessness is serving nobody, but also disorganized voices (as forums like this) are unfortunately also not bringing much!
    As I said previously, making organized petitions and having “insider” contacts n politics may be more efficient, of that is implementable.
    Kind regards

  103. Sandra_KJ Says:

    Dear Angela,

    Thank you. Pleas see my links/Email-addresses I contacted – the organization may be among them. If not, please provide the link, I will be happy to contact them.

    I do agree that helplessness is serving nobody, but also disorganized voices (as forums like this) are unfortunately also not bringing much!
    As I said previously, making organized petitions and having “insider” contacts n politics my be more efficient, of that is implementable.

    Kind regards

  104. Angela Says:

    Hi Neo and Dr Sandra!
    First of all, Thank you for trying to provide facts.
    I HAVE searched the web, for eyes are bleeding…
    But I still found different infos.
    Because of that Faroeisland is outside EU, I recon it would’t help to contact EU ministers.
    I’m Swede, and ashamed that this…and much more cruelty is going on i Europe.
    But knowlege is power, and to even start raising my voise I need more on my feet.
    It is very easy to feel helpless, but in one way or the other something must be done.
    I do know that many Danes don’t even know about this.
    I fully support Seashepard org and if anyone can protect our marine wildlife it’s them.

  105. Sandra_KJ Says:

    @ Neo:

    in one of your links from (I read the text awhile ago) – CMO (Chief Medical Officer) in question – is not from Faroe islands (check by clicking the link with his name), but from is from Syddanske Universitaet (South Danish University)!?!

    So, Denmark is indeed involved in the issue, investigating it and also giving scientific statements on it – but as soon as it comes to the political level – all critics stop.

    Why? Is this whaling of commercial / political interest for Denmark? What is the reason for this, typically “politically correct neutral” attitude of DANISH GOVERNMENT towards the issue?
    This, after all, can’t be seen as NOT_DANISH issue, Denmark is involved to much and owes the world official statement!

    Below the text from the article copied:
    Chief medical officers of the Faroe Islands have recommended that pilot whales no longer be considered fit for human consumption, because they are toxic – as revealed by research on the Faroes themselves.

    The remote Atlantic islands, situated between Scotland and Iceland, have been one of the last strongholds of traditional whaling, with thousands of small pilot whales killed every year, and eaten by most Faroese.

    Anti-whaling groups have long protested, but the Faroese argued that whaling is part of their culture – an argument adopted by large-scale whalers in Japan and Norway.

    But today in a statement to the islanders, chief medical officers Pál Weihe and Høgni Debes Joensen announced that pilot whale meat and blubber contains too much mercury, PCBs and DDT derivatives to be safe for human consumption.

    “It is with great sadness that this recommendation is provided,” they said. “The pilot whale has kept many Faroese alive through the centuries.”

    But in “a bitter irony”, they said, research on the impact of the pollutants on the Faroese themselves has shown that mercury, especially, causes lasting damage.

    The work has revealed damage to fetal neural development, high blood pressure, and impaired immunity in children, as well as increased rates of Parkinson’s disease, circulatory problems and possibly infertility in adults. The Faroes data renewed concerns about low-level mercury exposures elsewhere.

    The medical officers note that it wasn’t the Faroese who created the pollution. But “these results have already led to tightened restrictions on pollution worldwide. We must therefore also ourselves acknowledge the consequences.”

    If you would like to reuse any content from New Scientist, either in print or online, please contact the syndication department first for permission. New Scientist does not own rights to photos, but there are a variety of licensing options available for use of articles and graphics we own the copyright to.

  106. Sandra_KJ Says:

    @ Neo…

    Further relevant addresses (including Danish authorities and relevant international authorities, dealing with sealife- welfare:
    Johannesen(at); ‘MaritimeKnowledgeCentre(at)’; ‘info(at)’; ‘um(at)’; ‘min(at)’; ‘troels.poulsen(at)’; ‘samole(at)’; ‘secretariat(at)’; ‘nammco-sec(at)’; ‘troels(AT)’

    Further, Danish Newspapers are obviously not interested dealing with the issue, as contact to them remained without feedback:
    ‘’; ‘Erhverv(at)’; ‘Indland(at)’; ‘Udland(at)’; ‘debat(at)’; ‘Anders.Krab-Johansen(at)’
    ‘redaktionen(at)’; ‘internet(at)’; ‘indland(at)’; ‘debat(at)’; ‘udland(at)

    It indeed looks like, that public Danish opinion seems to be supportive to this tradition, balancing “neutral position” when required by distancing from Faroe Islands (“no jurisdiction”), but also not directly criticizing it.

    That is why I wouldn’t be surprised, if I were you, when seeing “pointing blame fingers” in direction Danes and Denmark in this respect –it is not without the reason.

    The question is only – what would be the most effective way to get them to react. Or we will really need to await to collect substantial number of mercury and lead poisoned people (it may take years, as liver and fat-tissue-collections can take years before giving symptoms of poisoning and then it can take more years before symptoms become so strong to seek medical help; so that the issue draws the attention of health authorities, following ban of use of whale meat, to stop this brutal and primitive ritual.

  107. Sandra_KJ Says:

    Nevertheless, if you read the comments above, you will see that most of those (apart from 1 or 2) who are defending this tradition – come from Danes, even more formulated in a way, that it is absolutely clear that they feel personally attacked and react out of defense mode. I haven’t met one single Dane from my surrounding (where I as well addressed this issue), who hasn’t reacted personally offended and justified this tradition.

    It seems that I can`t add links and email-addrreses, I don`t know why…

    Further, concerning information source – you refer to DR as “most reliable DANISH information source”. First of all, more reliable source would be a Sea life institute or University – than local radio; furthermore – it is still Danish only and as such- in Interest Conflict for the topic.

  108. Sandra_KJ Says:

    I am agreeing with you, Neo, in most of your points….

  109. Faroe Island not part of EU
    I stand corrected. But that does not change the fact Denmark lacks political jurisdiction.

    DR not a reliable source
    That I have to dispute… It’s the most reliable danish source of news. And if you read the article, you’ll see the actual point. It’s a research project between a faroe scientist and a danish scientist. Working to get enough prroof that whale meat is so dangerous to eat, that it should be prohibited. Which would solve this issue.

    The “blame finger”
    That is only as a reference to the fact that ~95% refers to Denmark as the place of this slaughter. When do we get the blame for things gone bad in Greenland or the Danish West Indies? Even if we could do something about it, I’m sure we don’t have the resources to do so… There’s plenty in Denmark that needs attention first. I would trade in a whales life for a humanbeings any day. There’s around 40.000 feroes and around 6.000.000 danes. Saying danes are unciviliced because of what the feroes does is a very crude generalization, which makes me sick to my stomack.

    Colored political view
    Only half of my sources was danish… So with this source it’s a 100% not danish sourced.

    It includes the point about nutricion and starvation.

    I mentioned in my first reply, that the whale meat is very toxic.

    And to make something very clear… I absolutly agree this is very wrong. No human should ever be allowed to these brutal hunts. I don’t even know how they sleep at night. This comes from someone who don’t even hurt insects if possible. I’m only defending the danish people as the “blame finger” is pointed a few degrees in the wrong direction.

    Hopefully they come to their senses and stop either of compassion or fear of poissoning… Then we can turn our attention to the polution of the sea.

  110. Thank you, Neo,

    Nevertheless, most of information, you are referring to, are sourced by the Danish radio. As my husband is Dane (living in Switzerland), I am familiar with that information source.
    It is actually not totally correct that Faroe are administratively part of Denmark (unfortunately, because then they would be under EU jurisdiction) – they ARE independent administratively, dependent economically, and are, to my knowledge – NOT part of EU (such as Norway, for example). I have also consulted EU – no response.

    In addition, I may give a constructive critic to you now – it comes over a bit one-sided from a Dane to refer to the Danish sources only, talking about “pointing a blame finger”. I can understand that a generation-ling tradition has developped some behavioral patterns, which disable Faroes to see this act as cruelty – but this is not an excuse. If they don’t see it, because of isolation from the rest of the world, the rest of the world should be able to see it. The question is – how much impact this matter has for Danish or EU-politics and how many resources EU is prepared to invest to fight this primitive tradition. It is, at the end of the day, all about resources and benefits. The question is – how many % of Faroes need to die of mercury-poisoning, for EU and world to start to do something about this. Another question is global pollution matter and fact that whales are poisoning for humans because they got poisoned through the see with Mercury, and Mercury came to the see from……. I slowly doubt where to start with bans to stop this vicious circle. Maybe at banning this way of killing whales and consequently restrict their killing to most necessary (if they are necessary nowadays at all – is to be proven) – then you will suddenly see that no whale killing is required anymore and everybody lives and eats despite that!

  111. Dear Angela,
    those are mostly whales (among others – also pilot whales); if you look on the net, Faroes have developed whole science on developing different types of hooks and knifes, going into breathing hole of a whale… so those are facts. Also, the facts are also that the meat is containing high levels of mercury and is therefore poisoning for humans, late signs of poisoning are seen with Faroe Islanders, but they continue with the tradition. Concerning the purpose – Faroe islanders defend the tradition with nutritional needs; they at the same time deny commercial benefit (apparently they don’t sell meat, but give it to small shops, although those stories are not very credible, as whale meat can be bought in supermarket chains al over Europe and most of them (among others German chains such as EDEKA, ALDI, KARSTADT….) have boycotted selling of whale meat for the same reasons for which this forum exists. I don’t think that lack of facts are the reason why this issue is not taken serious, but the ways to approach it. To my opinion – this issue should be approached commercially (systematic boycott of distribution and sales of whale meat) and politically (organized petitions to the government of Faroe Islands and European Union, including internal dedicated politicians as a driving force). Those sorts of forums are helpful to release our souls, but are not really serving the matter. I have personally written to Danish ministries and Faroe-Island Prime Minister – from Faroe Island government came no response, Danes have forwarded the issue to the foreign ministry – indicating that Denmark is distancing from this.
    It is up to you to decide how you want to approach it – but the facts are numerous and publicly available – just check the net. I did.

  112. If facts are being demanded…

    1. Whales or dolphins
    They are called “Pilot Whales”, but are related to dolphins… The reason thet’re called whales is that their behavior is closer to whales than dolphins.

    2.1. Killing for survival
    Throughout centuries the pilot whale have been a vital and nutrisious part of the faroeses food. It has reinforced health and remedied starvation in many homes.
    (Sorry it’s in danish, use a translator)

    2.2. Toxic meat
    Recent research have deemed eating pilot whale meat very hazardous to health, because of the high amounts of mercury and PCB. Earlier reseach have proved that the mercury has a bad impact on the development of the nervous system in embryos.

    3. Are the faroes danes?
    No… They’re faroes. It’s correct they have a danish citizenship. Once upon a time Denmark were a superpower, even with the largest fleet on the planet. Naturally at the time, danes went out to colonize. Today there’s few colonies left, the Faroe Islands being one of them. They have repeatedly asked for independence, but as they cannot function with economical independence from Denmark, they’re still bureaucratically a part of Denmark.

    4. Why doesn’t Denmark do anything about this cruelty?
    It’s important to read up on political juristiction before pointing the “blame finger”. The truth is… Denmark doesn’t have that kind of political jurisdiction, some of the few places the Faroe Islands and Denmark still share policy is at foreign policy, which isn’t of much use in this matter.

    Political source: I’m a dane, educated in Denmark, following danish news.

    If you want to have a chance at being heard. Don’t consult the danish government, consult the EU.

  113. Kari Says:

    This needs to stop. What can I do to help!

  114. Angela Says:

    I have a few questions and I want facts…not speculasions.
    I’m totally against this killing but I need some facts.
    1.For those who says It’s whales in the pictures, not Dolphins…how would you reply?
    First picture deffenetly Dolhins,but then I see Pilotwales everywhere.
    I know Denmark kills both,but I think It’s important to present fact so people starts to take this seriously.
    If it’s a headline of dolphinslaughter and whales in the pictures…many dont’t take the story so truethfully.
    2.There are different facts I get about the meat ,for one it’s to toxic to eat and are left to rutten.And then that the islanders need the killing for survavel…food, skin for shoes and so on.
    If anyone have these facts please reply….no guessing.


  115. onaamid euqirne Says:

    as one who has swam and played with dolphins, the sickening slaughter of dolphins/whales must not be tolerated in any way by the civilized world and should be declared as an international criminal act or even as a crime against humanity, like terrorism and sea piracy. the EU and other organizations who have the clout should demand that the danes, who are masquerading as civilized people, should cease and desist from committing this senseless murder of gentle beings all in the name of a stupid traditional rite of passage. If they do not comply, we should all boycott whatever product the danes sell to the world until they capitulate. the time to act is now!

  116. Colin Says:

    Don’t know what nationality this Amarjeet Singh is but obviously of very low mentality and not fit to be a member of the human race The great majority of people in Denmark and the world abhor this type of cruelty carried out for the lust of the halfwits carrying it out and no doubt commercial gain. The government of Denmark are no doubt in the pockets of the scum responsible for this and the prime minister is no better than those carrying it out. I guess if you saw any of this scum in a life threatening situation you might just go and have a nights’s sleep tito think of your action before calling the emergency services. I would for sure.

  117. sofie Says:

    people doing this are not human. come on.. have mercy with this innocent creatures!!! we are all created here to live. so please give those dolphins a chance to live as well. we all have sense to live on earth, dolphins have as well.

  118. @Amarjeet Singh

    scalping people and eye-for-eye-murders have been tradition is some countries as well, but are abandoned today and charged as criminal act. By the way, Danish government is distancing from this (I personally wrote to Danish prime minister, and few other relevant ministries, including foreign affairs), why are you referring to Danes? Danes have demonstrated very low tolerance towards different (not criminal) traditions of other countries, that their immigrants try to implement (being criticized worldwide for foreigner-unfriendly politics) and you now try to expect world to “let Danes proceed with their primitive and illegal tradition”?! Typical view for somebody who has never left Denmark and being confronted with other cultures and views.

  119. Bullshit….dens have the right to their tradition & food habits…they have been killing dolps/whales (whatever) for years. Noone has the righ to stop them.

  120. As a human being I am disgusted at this senseless slaughter of our Dolphins. They are helpless animals. I feel sick to my stomach that anyone could treat animals in this way. Please stop this carnage there is no need for this to happen in a civilized society.

  121. Katy Says:

    To: Neo, Thank you for your helpful comments, I’m sure that all Danes do not approve of this.
    To: Taggler, I am surprised at your comments since I would say that most of the comments left here have been very well thought out , particularly by Dr Sandra KJ who has argued very correctly and coherently. Also there are some things where impartiality is unacceptable. Cruelty is one of them.
    To: Dr Sandra, Thank you for taking the time to put such sensible comments concerning what is, in essence, an abomination. There is a real difference between killing for meat, at least in the UK, where animals must be killed humanely. That is without unnecessary suffering, which is obviously not the case here. Dolphins and whales also are known to be highly intelligent animals who are able to communicate and have complex social systems.
    To those who have suggested that it is hypocritical to speak out against this and not other animal cruelty are obviously missing the point. I suspect that those who are apalled by this do also speak out against other cruelty but this thread is about the Faroe Islands and not Bull fighting.

  122. jante Says:

    I am as concerned about the expressions of species self loathing, the hatred of our own kind as I am about torture and slaughter of whales, dolphines and any animal. Keep in mind most humans do not engage in this particular activity. I was reading in National Geographic about elephant hunter who basically do the same, for right of passage, not food, though tusks are kept, to another large, highly sociable and intelligent specie. It is good to look at what humans should do differently and speak out to that purpose. To judge our specie as purely destructive is as shortsighted and dangerous as deeming it justified in all its endeavors.

  123. it’s incredible how “white” people firmly believe they are more civilized than other race groups, but after having a look at these photos it becomes clear that they are brutal killers not nearly as civilized as they give forth, let alone more civilized than the rest of us!! shame on you!

  124. jwilliams Says:

    Ok, regardless of this being a tradition, and regardless of the fact that they are not endangered. Look at the way they are being killed, hunting animals is fine, they are shot and often die fast, these dolphins are being trapped, tied and then hit and slaughtered, it is not a humane way to kill an animal, endangered or not, for food or game, you should never be able to inflict such pain and kill an animal in such a disgusting way,

  125. amita Says:

    and to the person from Yahoo Answers who said: “The whales they’re hunting is not an endangered species.”
    So what..are you eagerly waiting for them to become endangered or even better-extinct to take some crucial action?

    By the way,does anyone know if there are any conservation projects setup for these fascinating creatures?

  126. amita Says:

    thank you for a enlightening article like this. I was crying the whole time whicle watching the dolphin slaughter video.
    And after seeing this im actually ashamed of our human race. just because we overpopulated the world and thus rule over it doesnt give us any right to brutally kill these other animals. we share this planet with them god dammit!

    We are overusing everything, populating this beautiful earth, killing the animals and plants for some or the other reason. I can see it all end one day..The fall of the human race. There will be some other species that will evolve superior than us in coming years and hunt us all one by one..and they we will regret our doings; till then we ignore to learn from our mistakes. Or maybe the earth will change itself, its atmosphere will be such that no living being can ever survive on it again. Completely arid and barren.

    Shameful..shameful acts indeed. When are we going to wake up!!??

  127. jante Says:

    I was agreeing with you. Perhaps something has been lost in translation.

  128. Sandra_KJ Says:

    @ Taggler:
    I believe that you are not recognizing how far in direction personal insult are you going – are you suggesting that all who criticize this bloody and purposeless tradition, are – low class people? For your information, I am a medical doctor, coming from a family where high education and social status have been present for generations, I don’t think that you can allow yourself to degrade my credibility only because you are not agreeing. Such comments disqualify yourself alone, not the others.

    if this was a must to survive, whales would have been hunt in the same way as the rest of fish, in amounts sufficient for nutrition – it wouldn’t have been transformed into the social event including children, celebrating blood bath. As this is solely for ritual purposes and nutrition is surplus-effect, morality and legality of this practice is criticized worldwide.

  129. jante Says:

    To compare slaughter of highly intelligent animals with other cultural meat eating may have the thin justification but will not stop the slaughter of dolphins, or whales, which is what is in question here. Why is this different? Because these animals, have been willing allies of people at sea, for one, and also they are not an animal of prey. I do fine without eating meat, but I belong to an omnivorous species, and I recognize this. I also recognize that there are other species not suitable nor justifiable for slaughter and ingestion and cultures do change practices when they are deemed dangerous to health or morally wrong. Survival may have justification, rights of passage into manhood do not

  130. Taggler Says:

    Come on people, lets us try to be real and first understand both sides of the story before making outragous conclusions.
    Some of these comments are made by very low class people, just indicated by the bad language.
    We must be impartial and remember this world is not a fair place.

    Who said life was fair?

    Read the story on the BBC NEWS ‘Faroes’ controversial whale hunt’

  131. This is such a travesty! I’ve seen these videos on TV before, and almost always, the graphic images make my blood curdle?

    How can they kill dolphins and whales in such a brutal manner?

    Dolphins are very intelligent and friendly creatures. They have been known to save humans and animals alike in the past. They don’t deserve a slow, painful death just because money-hungry meat traders want to. This cruelty must stop!

  132. Actually most danes are against this brutal ritual too, it’s in the media every season, being discussed as cruelty towards animals. I, like most of You, am also questioning why nothing has been done to prevent or at least gradually reduce this ritual. I suspect the rather shallow regulations from the danish government to be because the Faroe Islands are not interested in political involvement from Denmark and thereby have been given gradually more independence through the years.

    Actually the whales are only lesser threatened by this ritual. The major threat to whales in general is the polution of the seas. Mercury and lead is being stored in the muscles, liver and kidneys… For not to talk about the environmental toxins PCB and DDT.

    The real tragic aspect of this matter is… Even if nothing is being done to prevent/reduce this ritual. The toxins stored in the whales will in a near future deem them unfit for human food. And then noone can justify this.

  133. Rhiii Says:

    It is so different that people eat cows.
    We breed them. But dolphins and whales, we dont.
    They are going to be endangered and possibly extinct
    because of stupid people like “dudeness”, and especially the people that take part in “hunting” the animals.
    if this wasnt wrong, then EVERYONE would know about it.
    They wouldnt use fake labels and disguise the meat as something else, and get pissed off when people were exposing the truth, if they even thought for a second that what they were doing was okay.
    Why do we just sit around and watch this happen?
    Why not do something about it?
    Dolphins are intelligent and wayy beyond innocent creatures.
    There’s no reason to murder them.
    Cows, thats different. Most countries eat them. Unless like religion says otherwise.
    THeres a reason every country doesnt sit around eating dolphins.
    For one its toxic!!! Everything we do, pollutes the oceans they live in. Then they eat crap and become living toxicities. And people eat that!?
    what good does it do them?
    This is flat out wrong.
    If i ever got ahold of people who though this was okay… ohh mann.

  134. Joanna Cista Says:

    This is for Dudeness…

    Man doesnt breed whales or dolphins, they are in danger of extinction!

    Thats why you can’t compare it to bulls, dogs or other “domestic” animals, even if it is also bad!!!!

    Please, think better about this!

  135. oscar Says:

    my apologies… I was mistaken. it was not Walter’s comments that I was aruing against. it was Dudeness and the yahoo article post…

  136. oscar Says:

    here are my two cents about Walter’s comments …
    1) regarding this not being the only cruel and inhumane act; I agree but that does not make it right.
    2) If this is a right of pasage into manhood; why kill a creature that does not fear or attack humans? If they re really that “brave” and need to show it, why hot do the same thing with a few great white sharks after soaking themselves in blod instead? I think i is symilar to a man beating his wife… usually a clear display of insecurity. A true man is known for his control and not his ability to hurt a weaker being.

    Finally, I don’t have a problem with killing animals for food… I have a problem with the display of enjoyment that the people on that beach show while they watch a bunch of kids torture animals in the name of bravery… you want to eat it? kill it quick and eat it.

  137. Virginia Says:

    “A country supposedly ´civilized´ and belonging to the European Union”…. I´m thinking right now, how about Spain killing thousands of bulls for the hell of it… Isn´t it part of the European Union? Yet thinking, how about “civilized” countries criticizing third world countries … Are you all aware of what is happening in these “civilized” countries? Do you all know for example that in Alaska they kill Polar Bears just to go back home with a trophy and to proudly show their picture? Rich “sportsmen” are paying up to $35,000 per trip to hunt down and kill polar bears, which are then stuffed and mounted for display.

    I can go endless with this message because there are plenty of similar acts all over the world.

    It is not about comparing countries that can excuses us for what we are doing and yet let it happen. Marcelo from Brazil, yes, you should still try to save the Amazon and sign petitions towards Japan and Denmark.

    Please collaborate with anything you can to stop all these cruelties.

    For all of those that think that after taking our time to hung these comments and then go to the supermarket and buy a clean tray of chicken breast… sorry, but I´m vegetarian and not because I don´t like meat but because I already started to take action.

    Virginia – Argentina

  138. Marcelo Says:

    How all of the world want we save the amazon, if countries like Japan and Dennmark make this? They act like murders and monsters!
    Is it correct? Ther`s no sence!!

    Marcelo- Brazil

  139. Iris Marias Souza de Paiva Says:


  140. greenfreak Says:

    You guys, just read couple of ideas what is going on in the world above. There is a fact of not coming to consensus even in between usual people , not talking about very well motivated politicians.
    Do not be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Walk in the world with open eyes and forget about the ego.
    If someone is not feeling bad watching these videos, I think that one is a heartless person.
    But the main fact is, the World is overpopulated and dolphins , sharks , whales they are on the top of our ecosystem,and we are running out of our food reserves.If anyone checked the statistics about this will easily understand, we have to start to protest on the top, where everything starts and after to talk about chicken and cows and about nationality.
    These will never matter at all, after these animals will disappear, because if they do, the chain will not be in balance anymore and our oceans will be dirty and uncleaned by the amazing marine life what we have now. We will all disappear.
    Please go dive, be amazed by the world under us in the world oceans and do everything possible to save it, eighter you are Danish or not.
    If we eat up everything will not matter after. Will be finished. The future is in our hands.

  141. A Gondim Says:

    To Dr. Sandra
    Congratulations for the intelligents coments I agree with you at all.
    I also was very sad with those images.
    I thought that Danish people were clever. What I see now, is that they are still the same barbarian “Vikings” of many years ago.

  142. shelly Hegde Says:

    this is absolute disgrace to human mentality!!! How can anyone do this??? and why is any government or any animal protection commission not doing anything about this!! Where is the media gone… who highlights everything silly in world these days but cant do anything against this cruel act!!! How can I help…

  143. deepak Says:

    ok, u morons, whoever says that it is ‘hypocritical’ to be upset about these dolphins and not the cows/chicken that we consume. question, regardless of the barbaric ways that both are killed:
    a) cows/chickens are RAISED for slaughter
    b) cows/chickens are not wild/free living animals
    c) cows/chickens will NEVER go extinct
    so shut it.

  144. Dr. Sandra KJ Says:

    To “Jorge”,
    Typical, another Dane, getting aggressive for feeling himself personally attacked and invited to “protect his national property”!
    No one spoke about “killing only bread animals, not the wild ones” – this is a matter of mass-slaughter for ritual purposes, far beyond nutrition needs and done in very inhuman way, not ensuring painlessness. You missed the point, Jorge; this also has nothing to do with intercultural differences. Many countries have had barbarian rituals, which have been abandoned, as those included killing and injuring. If I may touch the politics a bit – exactly in Denmark, you show very low tolerance towards cultural differences between Danes and immigrants from various countries, and are not prepared to tolerate that immigrants may have other tradition – this one MUST be evened with the Danish one! You go even further and INSULT other cultures (don’t forget insulting caricatures against Muslim World in Danish Newspapers)! Now, suddenly, you DEMAND understanding and acceptance from the rest of the world for this, very barbarian and primitive and overall bloody and brutal tradition. With which right? Thanks God, Denmark is not alone and independent from the world, there is an EU and Faeroe Islands are not as independent as they think to be, when it comes to breaching international laws on animal protection and humanity. Sooner or later, this praxis will be banned. And I personally will do anything to make this happen soon!

  145. Dr. Sandra KJ Says:

    To “Immortal Moby Dick”,
    Thank you for your historic lecture. Nevertheless, this slaughter has exceeded proportions which would justify killing for survival reasons – it all residents at Faeroe islands were eating nothing more but whales, this amount of those slaughtered would still exceed. In addition, it is proven that most of this meat ends up being rotten and left on the beach – the purpose is not – survival (eating that meat), but – the act of slaughtering, and its very painful and torturing nature (damaging first the spine with the knife and then opening major blood vessels), of clear ritual background.

    To “xrt”,
    again, this slaughter is not for eating purposes, because then one would shoot the animals, not torture them with knifes, therefore your link to eating any sort of meat or fish (I am a vegetarian myself) is herewith not appropriate, as it is not ensured that: a) only required amount is being killed, and b) killing is done painless for the animal.

    To “Curtis”,
    Although I am generally against hunting as well, I do agree with you that this could be limited by licensing and controlling.

    To “Dudeness”,
    no comment, another aggressive Dane, whos “ego” is personally hurt, and who thinks that only Danes have license for aggression without penalty

    To “Kenny”,
    if you wish to help, I will call for petition soon (if Danish authorities show uncooperative), you may join.

  146. Dr. Sandra KJ Says:

    To “Runi” from Faroes,

    it may be beneficial to keep your language within civilized ranges, without insults and swear words and try to stick to the facts. Are you potentially claiming – those photos are not real? Or maybe you can’t deal with critics on thousand-years-long barbarious tradition, you pursue on your islands, thinking that you can allow yourself to act outside the EU-limits? After all, you are under Danish jurisdiction and Denmark must comply to EU regulations, so it is just a matter of time when you will be forced to stop your barbaric tradition.


  147. Dr. Sandra KJ Says:

    I am horrified and have started first steps, confronting Danish environmental ministry with this. If they show ignorant, I will start a petition and am inviting all of you to support this petition, to stop this mass killing! My own husband (who is Dane) is surprisingly supporting these killings, with same arguments as other Danes in this Forum gave. This is horrifying, as they were all brainwashed at local Danish schools! I am myself a physician and honor life and will do anything within my possibilities to stop this primitive tradition!
    Best regards from Switzerland!

  148. Runi Says:

    Get your facts straight before posting imformation on a website like this. I have lived all my life in the Faroes, and i have never ever heard of such a ritual, that a boy enters manhood when killing a whale.

    You should read up on the definitions of the words you use in your article. “Hunting” refers to a person who goes out seeking prey to kill, and that is absolutely not the case. The correct word or phrase to use would be “a kill”, because only whales which are sightet or even stranded, will be killed for food. None goes hunting for whales here.

    You commonly use the word “torture” to describe the kilings. However, you seem do have no definition of the word, other than it means to kill an animal you happen to like… Please tell me why exactlly and how these whales are tortured.

    I can assure you that each and everyone og these whales are killed quicker and more humanly than the pigs, chickens and cows that you eat.

    I really can’t get over this shit you’re writing about boys entering manhood when joining whale killings. Noone who lives here has ever heard of the term. Just goes to show ho much research you have done before posting this bullshit

  149. JuliusV Says:

    this ancient and barbaric ritual must be stopped.
    shame to mankind. always finding excuses for engaging in animal cruelty for their pleasure..
    may they suffer same here after.
    Kaj Leo Johannesen (born 28 August 1964 in Streymoy, Faroes) is the current Faroese prime minister, representing Faroese Unionist Party (Sambandsflokkurin).and he can make the difference.

  150. Monkeyshine Says:

    I LOVE dolphins and i have loved them my whole life!!! and if they r extinct by people killing them like this, then i will have 2 go 2 Japan and kill them and c how they like it!!! b cause dolphins are alot like humans than we know! SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!! 🙂 ❤

  151. Shruti Says:

    Slaughter those people who do this. They are shame in the name of humans. Kill them, let them feel the pain.

  152. silvia ferri Says:

    i do not undertsand why nobody is doing anything about it…..this is what makes me even more disgusted from this, the fact that these organizations for the protection of animals or against animal abuse or WWF or whatever u name them …..why they are not stopping it!!????

  153. aquaxcamus Says:

    I feel sad and angry as I’m watching this. To me, Japs’ dolphin slaughter is even sicker and worse than ‘whale-hunting’ in Denmark. Both are not be tolerated!

    “Japanese Fishermen often injure a few captives by spear thrust or knife slash to retain the group since dolphins never abandon injured family members. The water turns red and the air is filled with their agonising screams. They are then dragged to the slaughter place and their throats slashed and left to die. Dolphin meat are later marketed and often disguised as whale meat.”

    Dolphin meat are later marketed and often disguised as whale meat?!?! Do they think people are STUPID?!?!

  154. […] Forrás: Dán Nagykövetség honlapja, angol nyelvű változat, Faroe Szigetek, Pilot whale További információk: Bálnavadászat a Faroe Szigeteken Video Ellenzők […]

  155. Jorge Says:

    Yeah, right. Traditions are stupid and they all started because of ignorancy. Or maybe, there are different beliefs all around the world, and what may seem cruel or uncivilized to you, might have a meaning to some other people. Some of you say that killing whales is different than killing cows, chickens or pigs, because they’re not being bread to be killed. Well, do you think that the cows and pigs bread to be slaughtered wouldn’t prefer to live their lives in the wild, instead of facing the “destiny” MAN gave them? Isn’t man cruel in this aspect, breeding animals to kill them? Remember, all animals were wild until man domesticated them. Man didn’t make the cows, he just bread them. So if you say man has no right killing these whales, you might as well say we should only eat vegetables. And is the fish captured in the sea also bread to salughter? Or do you just eat mammals and birds?
    Oh, and answering the ones who mentioned evolution: Well, all meat-eating animals are quite cruel, right? Slaughtering other animals to feed them selves, the bastards. That’s EVOLUTION. The Faroe Islands peolple kill whales for food. Yes, that’s hunting, quite different from slaughtering.

    Think before you talk. The world is constantly changing. Before man even existed, billions of species appeared and were extinct. Man may have some part in what’s happening now. But it wouldn’t be happening if the world wasn’t dynamic by nature.

  156. To The guys at Denmark

    The days people started this traditional killing was because they were ignorant and not educated. but now we are all educated and you know that dolphins save human lives from shark and whales at a great risk of their lives how can you be so inhuman to such human like behaviour of these animal. Stop right away have a heart of a human. I am from India where lots people did not early care for animals and rather kicked them but now times have changed and they have become educated and have become kinder so you are civilized before India should be more kind and use your brains of what is right and what is cruel.

  157. If these activist really cared they’d sacrifice their own lives and start killing these humans who are hunting their precious dolphins. God damn, Japs are so stupid!

  158. Murat ARIKAN - Turkey Says:

    These animals are endangered and can not be tolerated trying to be reproduced under control in a number of so. This is f.cking insane. 😡

  159. jenann Says:

    that this still happens is ridiculous,and im putting to vote that dudeness shall be renamed dumbness.countless numbers of animal cruelty happens everyday in our societies,we are all well aware of that,you GENius,but to give people a hard time for feeling particularly disgusted at this “we are manly men,ggggrrr,look at us kill helpless mammals” stupidass tradition is just feckin’ snobbery,get over yourself,amadan.rant over

  160. jante Says:

    I am a vegetarian, though i understand that eating animals of different forms is customary to most of my specie. Having said that, whale and dolphine eating has an added dimension given what we have learned about them. I will be ethnoocentric and include dogs, cats and other companion animals. Human sacrifices and cannibalism were considered acceptable in certain cultures, as was (and is) slavery, wife beating and infanticide.
    Not all activities should be justified under cultural customs, and as peoples’ resources and environmental situation change, so should behavior. We are an adaptable specie if nothing else.

  161. bubbles Says:

    Are you kidding me?!? Anyone who can watch those videos and not at least think that is wrong has something wrong with them. Yes, there is a ridiculous amount of animal cruelty that happens in this world and not enough is done about it. But if we don’t start somewhere and fighting for whats right NOTHING will ever change!
    I also don’t think that just because someone who feels that this is wrong and eat a burger is a hypocrite. There is a drastic difference in what is going on in the two situations. Cows are bread for slaughter. Yes, many times the slaughter is cruel and something needs to be done about it, but that was their purpose. We do not breed whales and dolphins for kill. We actually dont really breed them at all. Yes, in places lik sea world they do mate and produce offspring, but there is no possible way that the number of offspring produced in these places can sustain the species at the rates that they are being killed off. Almost every species of whale is endangered and it is only a matter of time until the same can be said for dolphins.
    I guarentee that if this problem was severe enough and throwing off the ecosystem and effecting peoples lives in a drastic way people would think differently about this issue and be more willing to do something about it. But unfortunately humans are an ignorant species for the most part and would rather try to justify their bad actions than do something about it.
    Why should we wait for it to have tragic effects?
    We need to act now and put a stop to this injustice!

  162. newf Says:

    this is far worst than the canadian seal hunt

  163. Explorer07 Says:

    Think about it guys your saying “oh wow it’s been a tradition for many years and that breed of dolphins is not an endangered species”. Will guess what! It takes years before the damage begins to show we have been damaging our planet for years and yet many of us don’t really see what we are doing till it’s to late same thing with our ozone we are the ones destroying it look at our weather, global warming we are the ones that have done this to ourselves. Yet we continue on this path everything we do has a result. Remember that man is the worst enemy.

  164. Its easy to justify these cruel acts against dolphins because there exist cruelty too in other aspects of life?

    Talking about slaughtering dolphins don’t mean that I exonerate other cruel activities, but identifying this or other barbaric activity by their name is a fist step to stop it.

    If we start accepting to generalize never nothing will change, because the exception confirms the rule!

  165. nuno baptista Says:

    graphically VERY striking, obnoxious even. true everyday humans are slaughtered in pretty much the same barbaric manner, hundreds of thousands of other animals – as described here elsewhere.. – are slaughtered to fill up the shelves at our local supermarket. death is part of life & to me the problem is that the killing is done in such a contemptuous way. as written above i also agree that if we are to cringe at this , then we have to cringe at ALL the killings be it chicks for nuggets, dolphins, etc….the terror each & every animal feel are the same

  166. Has anyone of you ever seen pictures of the tuna fishing in Sizilia (IT)? Looks the same, but nobody cares when opening a can of tuna! Everyone eating fish or meat should think about these animals they eat every day. Only vegan living people are allowed to say something against this ritual (in my opinion).
    Think about yourself before judging others!
    And stop talking about abortions, that’s a different thing!

  167. katieb Says:

    What about the slaughter that takes place of humans every day? The slaughter of innocent human babies, that is legalized in most “advanced” nations, including the US? What about the killing of preborn humans, just because they’re not convenient at the moment? What about that slaughter, going on in your neighborhoods, every hour, every day???

  168. ****Immortal Moby Dick**** Says:

    From wikipedia some quotes on Faroe Islands:

    “(…)The trade monopoly in the Faroe Islands was abolished in 1856 and the country has since then developed towards a modern fishing nation with its own fleet. The national awakening since 1888 was first based on a struggle for the Faroese language, and thus more culturally oriented, but after 1906 was more and more politically oriented with the foundation of the political parties of the Faroe Islands.

    On April 12, 1940, the Faroes were occupied by British troops. The move followed the invasion of Denmark by Nazi Germany and had the objective of strengthening British control of the North Atlantic (see Second Battle of the Atlantic). In 1942-43 the British Royal Engineers built the only airport in the Faroes, Vágar Airport. Control of the islands reverted to Denmark following the war, but in 1948 a home-rule regime was implemented granting a high degree of local autonomy. The Faroes declined to join Denmark in entering the European Community (now European Union) in 1973. The islands experienced considerable economic difficulties following the collapse of the fishing industry in the early 1990s, but have since made efforts to diversify the economy. Support for independence has grown and is the objective of the republican party.”

    see all about Faroe Islands:

    True: it all gives the impression that entire life on Earth is about
    to eat and/or to be eaten, a ‘battle of survival’ as such.

    Please,find Peace within, for if one wants to change the world,
    one must start within oneself first,
    ****Immortal Moby Dick****

  169. Curtis Says:

    This seems to be very brutal and wrong and yes they are a wild animal whom many people love, But here in the US we too hunt wild game. You just dont see so many deer, elk, bear, ect. laying dead in one spot at the same time. Should this be stopped too? Maybe the hunting of these whales should be limited or licensed in some way..

  170. kenny Says:

    i am shocked and disgusted…mankind is disgusting…how can i help??

  171. You are right, there are very much more animals affected by humans thurst of blood, but this is not an excuse for to defend the old tradition from Faroe islands!
    I think that Humanity is evolutionary and one day you had to reconsider the validity from this kind of tradition. If its against human spirit stop it and if its good to go on in this kind of cruelty say it to the world and be proud for to do it!

    Part of a help for to stop this public spectacles (like in the Colosseum of Rome 2000 years ago!) would be if there are more bloggers who will contribute and publice this kind of articles, photos, news or something else from similar attacks against everything living in our planet.

  172. Dudeness Says:

    You can’t be serious about this. Getting upset about this and not the other atrocities that are commited against animals is not only hypocritical, but absurd. What about the animals that get sacrificed in other cultures for spiritual cleansing and protection?? How about the puppies that are eaten in China and other Southeast Asian countries?? Animals that are cooked while still alive??
    What about the millions of chicks that get thrown in a grinder to make chicken nuggets?? Why does McDonald’s get a pass??

    Please. It’s easy to point fingers and condemn an act against animals, then proceed to consume products that come from those very same acts. Just because this happens in a developed country doesn’t invalidate the purpose of the act. The Danish tradition of slaughtering dolphins does seem heartless, but at least it only happens once a year, to a species that isn’t even endangered, and serves an actual rite of passage, no matter how archaic it may seem. I have no problem with it. Does that make me heartless towards animals? Maybe. But at least I’m heartless towards ALL animals and not selectively heartless the way the general population is.

    If you are going to post this kind of a website, man up and be a champion for ALL animal rights instead of something so obscure and irrelevant in our everyday lives. Otherwise, stop wasting people’s time with these ‘cries for justice,’ and do something more constructive with yours…

  173. yuin Says:

    omg, this is disgusting! imagine we get hunted every year and get discarded O.o

    maybe the dude from yahoo answers happens to be from denmark? lolz…

  174. BOSS Says:

    smash the people who makes the nature like this… Lets join hands n voices to abandon this cruel thing…

  175. Such a shame!

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