The “dolphin therapy” in the Amazon or the curative effects of the pink dolphin

the Pink Dolphins of the Rainforest

pinkdolphinThe Pink Dolphin is an amazing mammal, which lives in the Amazon River and has adapted overtime to survive in fresh water. This animal looks almost like the gray dolphin, but there are differences. Their measures can reach up to 2.5 meters long, although males are generally larger. The color of its body is pale pink, instead of having a dorsal fin like the gray dolphin, it has a hump on its back. The Pink Dolphin’s tale is bigger and it has 2 flippers that look like big leaves, their neck is kind of long and his head has a little hump in the forehead. This animal has tiny eyes and his beak is long and has hairs on top. The Pink Dolphin can turn its head 180 degrees, all the way around since it has an unfused vertebrae. It weighs approximately 90 kilograms. The Pink Dolphin got its amazing pink color from the kind of water it lives in, and the kind of food it eats.

The dolphin therapy is a powerful method for the physical and emotional sanitation, where the dolphins play a key role in the treatment of multiple disorders. The dolphins are animals docile, intelligent and highly effective therapy for body and spirit. The dolphins can help people with physical and emotional disorders, in various ways, as the dolphin emits ultrasonic waves of various types, which circulate throughout the body of the person treated and operate beneficially on the nervous system.


Manaus (Brazil), 12 November 2008 (EFE) .- The Pink Dolphin’s Therapy Center, located at the Ariau river a few kilometers from Manaus, is the only one of the world that takes its space in the natural healing powers of this animal that lives in the Amazon.

In addition to its sympathy and its tourist pull, the pink dolphin contains in his brain a powerful ultrasound system that makes it a natural complement to alleviate problems from leukemia to depression or psychomotoric faults.

The Therapeutic Center, led by Brazilian veterinarian Igor Simões, hosts since 2005 treatments based on interaction with this animal, whose brain ultrasound system is greater than that of its marine counterpart.

The “pink buttons,” as they call them in Brazil, with their little and almost useless eyes, compensates their visual lack with a large skull that contains an ultrasonic generator. “When in contact with people, the pink dolphin is capable for to create a ultrasound vision for to localize quickly where your problem.”

motherwithbabyThey localize the problem, “achieving a balance in the body which generate endorphins for to stimulate the body, so they can improve the functioning of glands, the secretion of hormones or blood flow.”

The pink dolphin, also complements with their ultrasound in a natural way chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients, in addition to stimulating the need for communication in children with problems of socialization and accelerate learning process in cases of Down syndrome, achieving results between two and ten times faster.

“Bigger the problem, with more intensity the dolphins identify to the person.” These treatments achieve prosperity in their own personality in a form which let them “learn” to be more effective.

According to the Water Thought Foundation, one of the most notorious capacities of this dolphins is their ability to improve the interhemispheric synchronization, which activate dormant areas of the brain which unlock trauma, rise the self esteem and in addition activates the immune system of the patient.

The therapeutic effect “is noted from the first day,” although the therapy can last up to three years, in sessions of two hours.

But before science there was a native myth who explain the connection of the pink dolphin with the body of the man, according to which the animal became a man at night and fertilize the women.

5 Responses to “The “dolphin therapy” in the Amazon or the curative effects of the pink dolphin”

  1. Stacy Says:

    I find this inhumane, sad, and plan’s beyond that it’s the work of the devil!!! This tore at my heart….Where is the compassion, love and respect for these majestic creatures? This disgusts me to the fullest! You will all go to hell for the slaughter of these innocent creatures!!!!

  2. Helo Lorena, use the following link and I am shure there you will find more details:

  3. lorena rojas Says:


  4. Benjamim Levy Says:

    Why Jean Michel Cousteau and his group have killed the pink dolphins when they was doing the film in Manaus?

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