men becoming more female and women more masculine

The “battle” between the sexes is as old as the human race.


The myths of the Amazons are a significant part of human culture. The Amazon myth was embraced by Greece, and from there spread all over the world. They were the earliest symbols of a society’s fear of feminism.

Amazons were trained to use all weapons and especially in single combat. They were honorable, courageous, brave and represented rebellion against sexism. Their tales spread quickly and soon stories of the Amazons were everywhere, including Africa, Asia, Europe, South America – where the Amazon River was named after the female warriors.

… a race of savage warriors whose women fought with all the ferocity of lionesses.

reversing the gender roles and moving to a female dominated society

Its not hard to figure out that men look kinda more groomed and pretty in today’s world than say 60 years ago. And though women are as beautiful as ever, they are stronger in literally every area of life than they were 60 years ago.

We already see more women than men attaining bachelor’s degrees. In 2005, nearly 59 percent of undergraduates were granted to women. By 2050, it is projected that the degree gap will grow drastically.

Are women become more assertive and growing due to social expectations or is this work of evolution?

Unregulated chemicals released into the environment

Various studies are indicating that unregulated chemicals released into the environment are causing males to take on feminine characteristics.

hermaphrodite_symbol1Thousands of chemicals released into the environment are interfering with animal and human endocrine systems. These chemicals, nicknamed “gender-benders,” are causing the males in many species to become feminized.

males are slowly “disappearing” and morphing into females.

In British lowland rivers, 50 percent of male fish were found to be growing eggs in their testes. Hermaphrodite polar bears have also been born.

Since all vertebrates have similar sex hormone receptors, the feminization of other animals indicates a similar pattern in humans.

hermaphroditeEndocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere these days. You are exposed to them from a variety of sources, including countless common household products, toys, and personal care products.

The glands of your endocrine system and the hormones they release influence almost every cell, organ, and function of your body. It is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes.

Many studies now indicate these toxins may indeed be wreaking silent havoc within our male population. Male infertility is on the rise, and, about 250,000 fewer boys have been born in the last 30 years in the United States and Japan.

One study found that pregnant women who are exposed to phthalates gave birth more than one week earlier than women who were not exposed to them and, the more a pregnant woman is exposed to high levels of phthalates, the greater the risk her son will have smaller genitals and incomplete testicular descent, leading to impaired reproductive development. The chemical also appears to make the overall genital tracts of boys slightly more feminine.

It is believed that phthalates have these adverse effects because they reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone.

Resent researches have linked the chemical to thyroid problems in both women and men. They also alter other biological processes dependent on phthalates. A list of symptoms found included illnesses like testicular cancer,  genital deformations, low sperm counts, infertility, allergies, asthma, and contact dermatitis.

Exposure to phthalates can lead to incomplete testicular descent in fetuses. Phthalates are found in vinyl flooring, detergents, automotive plastics, soap, shampoo, deodorants, fragrances, hair spray, nail polish, plastic bags, food packaging, garden hoses, inflatable toys, blood-storage bags, and intravenous medical tubing.

Toxins and Fertility

water_birthWe are inundated with toxins. These toxins are in our food, air, water, toiletries, and homes. Many of these toxins not only adversely affect human health, but these toxins can impair fertility with negative impact on delicate male & female reproductive systems, as well as on a developing fetus. Even low levels of exposure can result in health problems and to make matters worse, many of these toxins accumulate in our tissues over a lifetime.

The Pill or “The Modern Castration of Women” and their secondary effects

A woman’s health is put in danger due to the artificial unnatural hormones within the pill that are being pumped into her body day after day for years. Long term use of the pill will most likely increase the chance of a woman developing various conditions or illnesses such as mentioned above as well as depleting essential vitamins and nutrients from the body including the B vitamin group.

The pill only treats the symptoms instead of the actual problem, as well as causing side effects while the body still remains in an unhealthy state.

boug1Some of the direct secondary effects caused by the pill are that 7% of women to become sterile, 60% have no desire for sex, Testosterone levels sink, cell regeneration is disturbed, loss of ego, loss of self confidence, Vitamin B gets flushed out of the system which leads to fructose intolerance, digestive problems and nausea, depression and mood changes, heavy and/or irregular menstruation, weight gain on hips and thigh, increasing blood pressure, headaches and migraines, increased growth of cysts in chest and ovaries and thyroid disturbance.

But these primary effects are nothing in relation to the indirect secondary effect’s.

Some experts are blaming birth control for water contamination. Birth control pills, like batteries and baby bottles, have become the latest item to become a focus of environmental and health concerns. Scientists debate the effects of synthetic hormones that are flushed into waterways.

A group of scientists made headlines when they discovered that traces of synthetic estrogen in the state’s rivers had reduced the fertility of male fish. Hormonal birth control pills and patches were blamed. The patch and vaginal ring embed more hormones into the environment because they are discarded directly into the garbage after use. Another team of scientists found trout with both female and male characteristics. The culprit, again, was synthetic estrogen.

woman-and-manNumerous reports show that estrogenic chemicals in water can result in thyroid problems and an adrenaline imbalance. Thyroid inhibitors are of major concern because they affect the nervous system’s development and can cause permanent mental retardation. Water contamination studies have shown that fish are about 10 times more sensitive to the contribution of estrogen from birth control pills than they are to estradiol, the type of natural estrogen excreted by animals like cows.

First only women used the pill, but transported over the drinking water and the food men too started to take this hormones. A decrease in humans sperm counts is a result of hormones in drinking water.

After 50 years from extensive use of synthetic hormones in the pill for birth control the biological cycle of hormones got closed. Today we find synthetic estrogen everywhere in the food we eat and in all products produced by using contamined drinking water.

In the way how estrogen contamined drinking water and food converted in daily alimentation of women and men the opposite polarization of their different gender and mutual sexual attraction is going lost.

Men becoming more female and women more masculine!

Artificial insemination procedure

cute_childThe first ‘test tube’ baby Louise Brown was born on July 25 1978 in Britain. The first successful IVF treatment took place in 1981 and since then many thousands of babies have been born with the aid of this process. Artificial insemination process helps nature get a piggyback ride to start a pregnancy.

The process of artificial insemination may be started with a course of fertility medicines that the woman is given so as to stimulate production and maturity of eggs. Close monitoring is done to evaluate hormone levels and any other risk factors. The woman’s ovulation cycle is determined by noting the body temperature and vaginal discharge. Ultrasound is also used for determining the time of a woman’s ovulation. The artificial insemination process is done with sperms either from the woman’s partner or a donor. It is then injected into the woman’s cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes. It may be subject to a special treatment called ‘washing’ which makes it more concentrated for fertilization.

Artificial insemination is used for tackling infertility caused due to cervical mucus problems, low sperm count, inactive sperm or sperm antibodies.

Up to 60,000 American kids are born each year through sperm donation.  But do the offspring pay a price later in life?  NPR Producer Alicia Montgomery says her son has a sperm donor dad, but that doesn’t mean his life will be any less worth living.

The difference: Once, for to become pregnant women needed only one man – a man. But today, many women have the need of participation from two – a man AND a doctor!

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  1. ikbrown Says:

    If this is true, it is also true that we are doing it to ourselves. I don’t believe that enough emphasis or focus is placed upon the mindset that thinks it’s OK or irrelevant that substances are entering nature that are changing species – including humans.

  2. men becoming more female and women more masculine « born to be free ……

    Many of these toxins not only adversely affect human health, but these toxins can impair fertility with negative impact on delicate male & female reproductive systems, as well as on a developing fetus. Even low levels of exposure can ……

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