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Slavery adapts to the contemporary

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 The re-introduction of slavery

All the countries, big or small, rich or poor, democracies or the totalitarians, are proud to celebrate the Abolition of Slavery. All the people make new pledges and refresh the old ‘pledges’ to purge the society from the ills of slavery, to ensure the liberties and to safeguard the human rights. It’s a good omen that at least people across the globe are aware of what is a slavery and what is meant by liberty?

Is the mankind free from the shackles of slavery in 21st century in real sense?

the new name of slavery is once more BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s name originates in the times of slavery in America. When there was slavery in the United States, a black iron ball were put the slaves on the feet for to prevent escape. It was not a perfect ball, very irregular and pockmarked, with a chain and shackle at the bottom, so they could not escape running from the cotton fields. This iron ball was called “BlackBerry” (blackberry, black cherry) because it resembled that fruit. That was the ancient symbol of slavery, saying that he would be forced to leave his life to perish without escape of these plantations.

In modern times, new employees can not be tied to an iron ball, however, are given a phone, “BlackBerry” and are wirelessly tethered to the shackle, which like slaves, can not set aside and that is bound to work all the time. It is the modern symbol of slavery.

Currently, most executives and government officials are chained through one of these mobile devices, they are glued to the happy little machine all the time, as addiction, in the bathroom, in the car, at the movies, dinner, falling asleep and there is no escape when the boss call them or when send them emails. There is no way of saying that the message not arrived or not hear the bell, because the gossip phone alerts if they did not answer, if there are messages to read, or if they read the opened emails.

Appointments, schedules, wake up,…. every day more things are controlled and dominated by these electronical decives. Companies invading what used to be their employees private moments with a “play or else mentality”. Nights, mornings, weekends, holidays and vacations are now fair game in an increasing number of companies. A manager who owns a Blackberry is expected to respond to email within the hour, executives sending messages back and forth at 5 am, or 20 hour games of “email ping-pong”. Sending an email entitled “URGENT” has turned into the new way of delivering urgent messages, replacing the telephone. To read emails of phone calls on designated days off is normaly, professionals chain themselves to their smartphones, checking and re-checking their email, just in case they received an urgent email in the last five minutes.

And the best of all: ….  modern executives are proud about their importance because “the boss” gave them their “BlackBerry“, … to prevent escape …

They would not have thought a better name,… is it not so?


Dolphins in captivity

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Some known facts about Dolphins facing a life of captivity and sadness as permanent residents of Marine Parks or Underwater Resorts:

53% of those dolphins who survive the violent capture die within 90 days.

The average life span of a dolphin in the wild is 45 years; yet half of all captured dolphins die within  their first two years of captivity. Every seven years, half of all dolphins in captivity die from capture shock, pneumonia, intestinal disease, ulcers, chlorine poisoning, and other stress-related illnesses. Some may die due to stress while transport. To the captive dolphin industry, these facts are accepted as routine operating expenses.

In many tanks the water is full of chemicals as well as bacteria, causing many health problems in dolphins including blindness.

When a baby dolphin is born in captivity, the news is usually kept secret until the calf shows signs of survival. Although marine mammals do breed in captivity, the birth rate is not nearly as successful as the one in the wild, with high infant mortality rates.

Wild dolphins can swim 40 to 100 miles per day – in pools they go around in circles. Dolphins are predators of fish and spend up to half of their time in the wild hunting for food. Supplying dead fish results in less exercise and lack of mental stimulation, thus causing boredom.

Many marine parks subject their mammals to hunger so they will perform for their food. Jumping through hoops, tailwalking and playing ball are trained behaviors that do not occur in the wild. Confined animals who abuse themselves (banging their heads against the walls) are creating stimuli which their environment cannot supply. Dolphins in captivity tend to develop stereotypical behaviors (swimming in a repetitive circle pattern, with eyes closed and in silence) because of boredom and confinement.

This is equivalent to the swaying and pacing of primates, lions, tigers and bears confined in cages.


the big business of gold in the Dominican Republic

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Dominican negotiators of the contract did not anticipate that gold would reach the current price.

State would receive only US$ 32 Million per year for US$ 1,000 Million exported Gold

Dominican negotiators of the contract for the exploitation of gold from sulfide of ¨Pueblo Viejo¨ never thought gold prices were to reach the levels where they are today.

For this reason the country would receive in the first seven years of operation of the mine only $ 32 million a year for exports worth 1,000 million.

barrels of goldThis was recognized by the economist Iván Rodríguez, who helped negotiate the contract with Placer Dome which later was transferred to Barrick Gold. This recalls that when the contract was negotiated the price of gold was between 200 and 250 dollars the troy ounce, while higher prices were expected that gold reached up to US$ 450.

Today gold prices in spot and future market reached record levels, boosted by the sale of 200 tonnes of gold made by the International Monetary Fund.

Yesterday gold was quoted at US$ 1079.40 an ounce from US$ 1059.15 on Monday afternoon in New York. Earlier, the precious metal reached a record of US$ 1080.60.

Mapa mineria - Everton properties

Although it was for the Dominican negotiators certainly an unexpected dimension where the price levels of gold has reached, it is likely that for Placer Dome and Barrick Gold then was not surprised the behavior of the metal in international markets …..

for more information’s visit this spanish site:  Sancocho con dulce de leche

According to data published by Barrick Gold, the proven reserves in the mine of Pueblo Viejo is 20 million troy ounces of gold, 117 million ounces of silver and 424 million pounds of copper, which at current prices are worth about 24,000 million dollars, which makes the Pueblo Viejo mine in Cotuí, one of the largest mines in the world.

Update 10th of November 2009:

Congressman defends contract between Barrick Gold and Dominican state.

10/11/2009 – El Nuevo Diario

SANTO DOMINGO – The President of the Special Commission of the Chamber of Deputies who studied the lease agreement between the Dominican State and the Canadian company Barrick Gold, defended the work of legislators in approval.

Ramon Cabrera explained that the contract guarantees an investment of 3 billion pesos (84 million dollar) and generate about 5 thousand jobs. The company will pay around 374 million dollar to heal environmental damage.

The contract of the mining rights to mine gold, silver, copper and zinc in Pueblo Viejo, Cotui, signed in 2002 between the Dominican Government and the Canadian company Placer Dome, is being amended by requirement of the mining company Barrick Gold, which in 2006 bought all rights to the Pleasure Dome.

According to Article 8 of the original agreement, Placer Dome will pay the state a tax in base of Net Profit Sharing (PUN) which varies between 5% and 25%, dependent on the selling price of gold, unless a production cost of $ 275 per ounce.

Barrick Gold Results Beat Analyst Estimates on Cost Containment

Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) — Barrick Gold Corp., the world’s largest gold producer, reported third-quarter results that beat most analysts’ estimates because of efforts to contain costs.

Profit excluding a $5.7 billion charge to eliminate fixed- price contracts and a one-time impairment expense was 54 cents a share, Toronto-based Barrick said today in a statement. That topped the 46-cent average estimate of 23 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

Gold futures in New York climbed 17 percent to $1,030.50 an ounce this year through yesterday, while the 16-company Philadelphia Stock Exchange Gold & Silver Index rose 25 percent. The precious metal, which reached a record $1,072 on Oct. 14, has risen for eight straight calendar years.

Barrick repeated its forecast for 2009 gold production of 7.2 million to 7.6 million ounces at total cash costs of $450 to $475 an ounce. The company expects gold output to rise to 7.7 million to 8.1 million ounces next year, helped by the scheduled start of new production at the Cortez Hills project in Nevada next year. Barrick produced 7.66 million ounces of gold last year at average total costs of $443 an ounce.

On Oct. 12, Barrick agreed to pay Xstrata Plc $465 million for a 70 percent stake in the El Morro copper and gold mining project in Chile.

Barrick started building its $3 billion Pascua-Lama mine project on the Chile-Argentina border after the two countries resolved a tax dispute. The mine is forecast to yield as much as 800,000 ounces of gold annually after it starts operations in 2012.

The gold miner began production at its Buzwagi mine in Tanzania in May. The Pueblo Viejo project in the Dominican Republic is scheduled to start production in the fourth quarter of 2011.

read the full story: Barrick Gold Results Beat Analyst Estimates on Cost Containment


August 17, 2010 – EL DIA

Board of Aldermen gives powers to the Mayor Molina Lluberes to fight against Barrick

COTUI .- The Board of Aldermen of the City Council of this town gave powers to the Mayor Rafael Molina Lluberes to act in all legal statuses against the mining company Barrick Gold, in defense of the heritage of the province of Sanchez Ramirez, preservation of resources natural, payment of damages caused by the exploitation of mineral deposits and the revision of the concession contract granted by the state.

The Board of Aldermen of the City Council in its resolution 001 claimed responsibility for environmental protection and the payment of municipal taxes from the mining company.

Also, the Council  authorized Molina Lluberes to require the proportion of jobs provided in the contract that is up to the residents of the province and the training of those in international organizations. It also empowered the municipal executive to manage the payment of 5% of net profits since the beginning of its operation, that constitutionally must be paid directly to the municipalities.

The council resolution was passed unanimously by the nine magistrates present at the first session of the municipal body.


Once more Henry Kissinger

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The secret societies that are the real power in global affairs.

An incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK for the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs.

“The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”

By Henry A. Kissinger (International Herald Tribune), published: JANUARY 12, 2009

kissingerAs the new U.S. administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises. The American prescription for a world financial order has generally been unchallenged. Now disillusionment with the United States’ management of it is widespread. Every country will seek to make itself independent, to the greatest possible degree, of the conditions that produced the collapse.

The economic world has been globalized.

The nadir of the existing international financial system coincides with simultaneous political crises around the globe. Never have so many transformations occurred at the same time in so many different parts of the world and been made globally accessible via instantaneous communication.

“The current crisis can be overcome only by developing a sense of common purpose. The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”

The financial and political crises are, in fact, closely related partly because, during the period of economic exuberance, a gap had opened up between the economic and the political organization of the world.

Not since the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy half a century ago has a new administration come into office with such a reservoir of expectations. It is unprecedented that all the principal actors on the world stage are avowing their desire to undertake the transformations imposed on them by the world crisis in collaboration with the United States.

The extraordinary impact of the president-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order. The role of China in this new world order is equally crucial. A relationship that started on both sides as essentially a strategic design to constrain a common adversary has evolved over the decades into a pillar of the international system.

China made possible the American consumption splurge by buying American debt; America helped the modernization and reform of the Chinese economy by opening its markets to Chinese goods.

Each side of the Pacific needs the cooperation of the other in addressing the consequences of the financial crisis. Now that the global financial collapse has devastated Chinese export markets, China is emphasizing infrastructure development and domestic consumption.

America needs Chinese cooperation to address its current account imbalance and to prevent its exploding deficits from sparking a devastating inflation. What kind of global economic order arises will depend importantly on how China and America deal with each other over the next few years.

read the entire article in the: International Herald Tribune

Kissinger says an Obama presidency is a great opportunity to set up a New World Order.

in this video Henry Kissinger says:

“The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously… … “You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”


Kissinger is also part of the Bilderberg Group which allegedly emphasize a globalist agenda and promote the idea that the notion of national sovereignty is antiquated and regressive.


Chinese Vice Premier meets Henry Kissinger

kissinger-meets-chinese-vice-premierBEIJING, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) — Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan met Tuesday with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the sidelines of celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

Wang first paid tribute to Kissinger for his great contribution to China-U.S. relations.

“It is fair to say you are the only senior official alive who has witnessed the entire course of diplomatic relations between the two countries from the very beginning,” Wang said.


LA Times | Mar 21, 2009

Kissinger meets with Russians …

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sounds optimistic about improved relations after Nixon’s secretary of State and other former high-ranking officials pay an informal visit.
Kissinger led a team of prominent former U.S. officials in meetings in Moscow this week who were acting on their own but echoing the message of cooperation from an Obama administration that has pledged to “reset” relations that have become tense in recent years. And the young Russian president, still regarded by many observers as an apprentice to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, spoke encouragingly of efforts to end the acrimony.

“This surprising term ‘reset’ will, I hope, reflect the essence of the changes we would like to see,” Medvedev said. “We are counting on a reset. We hope it takes place.”

kissinger_primakovHis relatively passive remarks reflected the prevailing Russian contention that relations have soured because of U.S. belligerence and that the onus is on Washington to soften its behavior.

Kissinger, who also met with Putin, assured reporters that he’d found ample ground for cooperation. “I’m happy to report that the differences were not so remarkable and the agreements were considerable,” he said.

The Nixon-era secretary of State was joined on the trip by other prominent officials from previous administrations, including former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, former Defense Secretary William Perry and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

The White House said the group had not been sent by President Obama. “They’re private citizens and not there at the behest of the White House,” said an official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “But they did inform the White House beforehand.”

A foreign policy realist, Kissinger is an advocate of finding accommodation with the Russians and setting aside tensions that sharpened during George W. Bush’s presidency.

The tensions have raised anticipation for a meeting between Obama and Medvedev on the sidelines of next month’s G-20 summit in London. On Friday, Medvedev said he was looking forward to the encounter.

“Many issues have accumulated in recent years that should be discussed,” he said.

The “dolphin therapy” in the Amazon or the curative effects of the pink dolphin

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the Pink Dolphins of the Rainforest

pinkdolphinThe Pink Dolphin is an amazing mammal, which lives in the Amazon River and has adapted overtime to survive in fresh water. This animal looks almost like the gray dolphin, but there are differences. Their measures can reach up to 2.5 meters long, although males are generally larger. The color of its body is pale pink, instead of having a dorsal fin like the gray dolphin, it has a hump on its back. The Pink Dolphin’s tale is bigger and it has 2 flippers that look like big leaves, their neck is kind of long and his head has a little hump in the forehead. This animal has tiny eyes and his beak is long and has hairs on top. The Pink Dolphin can turn its head 180 degrees, all the way around since it has an unfused vertebrae. It weighs approximately 90 kilograms. The Pink Dolphin got its amazing pink color from the kind of water it lives in, and the kind of food it eats.

The dolphin therapy is a powerful method for the physical and emotional sanitation, where the dolphins play a key role in the treatment of multiple disorders. The dolphins are animals docile, intelligent and highly effective therapy for body and spirit. The dolphins can help people with physical and emotional disorders, in various ways, as the dolphin emits ultrasonic waves of various types, which circulate throughout the body of the person treated and operate beneficially on the nervous system.


Manaus (Brazil), 12 November 2008 (EFE) .- The Pink Dolphin’s Therapy Center, located at the Ariau river a few kilometers from Manaus, is the only one of the world that takes its space in the natural healing powers of this animal that lives in the Amazon.

In addition to its sympathy and its tourist pull, the pink dolphin contains in his brain a powerful ultrasound system that makes it a natural complement to alleviate problems from leukemia to depression or psychomotoric faults.

The Therapeutic Center, led by Brazilian veterinarian Igor Simões, hosts since 2005 treatments based on interaction with this animal, whose brain ultrasound system is greater than that of its marine counterpart.

The “pink buttons,” as they call them in Brazil, with their little and almost useless eyes, compensates their visual lack with a large skull that contains an ultrasonic generator. “When in contact with people, the pink dolphin is capable for to create a ultrasound vision for to localize quickly where your problem.”

motherwithbabyThey localize the problem, “achieving a balance in the body which generate endorphins for to stimulate the body, so they can improve the functioning of glands, the secretion of hormones or blood flow.”

The pink dolphin, also complements with their ultrasound in a natural way chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients, in addition to stimulating the need for communication in children with problems of socialization and accelerate learning process in cases of Down syndrome, achieving results between two and ten times faster.

“Bigger the problem, with more intensity the dolphins identify to the person.” These treatments achieve prosperity in their own personality in a form which let them “learn” to be more effective.

According to the Water Thought Foundation, one of the most notorious capacities of this dolphins is their ability to improve the interhemispheric synchronization, which activate dormant areas of the brain which unlock trauma, rise the self esteem and in addition activates the immune system of the patient.

The therapeutic effect “is noted from the first day,” although the therapy can last up to three years, in sessions of two hours.

But before science there was a native myth who explain the connection of the pink dolphin with the body of the man, according to which the animal became a man at night and fertilize the women.

slaughtery of Dolphins in Denmark

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bulk of dolphins been killed in Denmark

Though it may seem unbelievable, but even today this brutal, dantesque and bloody slaughter of dolphins are still carried out each year in the Faroe Islands which belong to Denmark. A country supposedly “civilized” and belonging to the European Union. For many it is unknown this attack to life, to the sensitivity and to everything. In this bloody slaughter involving the young men to show entering adulthood (!). Is absolutely incredible that there is nothing to prevent this barbaric act that is committed against the pilot whales, a dolphin that has the intelligent approach to people out of pure curiosity.

calderons-11I live on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia and every day, before winter we see these beautiful creatures, passing by to go north to have their babies and at the moment they are traveling south with their babies. W e can see this extraordinary site numerous times almost everyday at this time of the year and although we can see it everyday we all still get so excited about the site, that is every human being in our country who see’s this wonderful sight. So how can human being on the other side of the world be so opposite and ruthlessly kill these wonderful creatures. I wonder if these cruel disgusting people saw how much we appreciate the sight of these wonderful animals playing with their babies just off our beaches.

regards Wendy

The following images belong to a rite of passage to begin to be “man” who even today takes place in some parts of Denmark, a country of the European Union. The belief on the part of men that animals are things of use and discard is a relic of a haggard design that makes it as being for which purpose the earth was created (read homocentrism). It makes me impossible to justify this kind of torture.

* click over the photo for to see full-size image

calderons-1 calderons-3 calderons-6 calderons-8 calderons-5 calderons-10

In Yahoo answers someone wrote the following text for to justify this dantesc spectacle:

  1. They’re not dolphins, they’re whales.
  2. It’s not happening in Denmark, it’s happening in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous island with its own government.
  3. The whales they’re hunting is not an endangered species.
  4. This has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is not just some mindless slaughter, they eat the whales they kill. Saying this is wrong is just like saying eating hamburgers is wrong. I bet you more cows are killed for their meat than whales. Just because you don’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t happen.

Very nice, he told that this is not a slaughtering, – this is hunting!

Too he mentioned that Denmark don’t be related to the Faroe islands and that cows are wild and free living animals!


The  Japanese dolphin slaughters

dolphins-beink-killed-in-japonEvery winter, thousands of dolphins are confined and brutally killed in small towns across Japan. Animal advocates and environmentalists considers this barbaric and condemns the slaughter. Fishermen often injure a few captives by spear thrust or knife slash to retain the group since dolphins never abandon injured family members. The water turns red and the air is filled with their agonising screams. They are then dragged to the slaughter place and their throats slashed and left to die. Dolphin meat are later marketed and often disguised as whale meat.

“Cove” is a doc about the ongoing covert slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Sundance dolphin doc is really action thriller!

This documentary is really an action thriller whose filmmakers put themselves in great peril to document these brutal murders for the world to see. They also expose how dolphin meat, which is dangerously high in mercury content, is being sold to consumers in Japan under other names and has even been purchased by schools to be served in children’s lunches.

“Cove” is directed by Louie Psihoyos and the goals of this film were not only to make people aware that this secret slaughter of dolphins is going on in Japan, but also to make it known how highly toxic dolphin meat is.

“They eat at the same level as humans at the very top of the food chain,” Louie Psihoyos said. “Everything that human beings consume eventually ends up in the oceans — especially fossil fuels. The burning of coal is the number one contributor to the rise of mercury in the environment. There’s a cost to that — we’re degrading the oceans (and) diminishing the environment for future generations to enjoy. I used to eat seafood and I can’t eat large seafood anymore. I have mercury poisoning at 23 parts per million. High is five parts per million. We’re trying to alert people to what’s going on here.”

In the name of humanity I hope that someone in Japon, Denmark or everywhere in the world will have enough authority for to stop this bloody tradition!